Japanese Trains - Sex in Public - Has this happened to you?
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Author Topic: Japanese Trains - Sex in Public - Has this happened to you?  (Read 11156 times)
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« on: April 13, 2010, 08:59:19 pm »

This is a thread of posts that I picked up on the net about the daily sex on Japanese Trains. It sounded so intruiging, that I figured I'd share it here. Has this ever happened to any of you? It's not something that would happen here in the States, we are too politically correct or too afraid of getting caught or shot!

Who of us has not had the joy of brushing with the back of his hand the front of anonymous trousers on a crowded train only to find that far from moving away, the warmth within grew harder and all of a sudden you were free to lower the zipper and feel for yourself what the world is all about!

First story. I was on the Yamate line, you now know which carriage, when I felt this really hard dick press against my side. I noticed a non-descript middle-aged "salary man" and at once lowered his zipper, inserted my hand and could feel him behind the material of his underwear, but try as I could, there was no opening anywhere. Frustrated, and because it was the rush hour, I actually put both hands in his trousers only to find that he had several layers of women's tights on. He didn't want any direct contac with his dick, only through nylon... I tried tearing the fabric away, scratching it with my nails but to no avail. Fed up, I just pushed him away without pulling up his zipper, and he got off at Shibuya.

Well, he was on the train day after day between Takadanobaba and Shibuya, and he always got closer to me until I pinched his dick so hard that he gave up on me, and I was able to concentrate on the hero of story number two, a very "primal" character whose total lack of inhibition I will tell you about if you contribute one story of your own hereafter.

I can't wait to hear about your journeys on Tokyo's amazing Gay Trains... but how about Osaka and Nagoya or Fukuoka? Don't tell us there are no Gay Trains there! Nobody will believe you!

Post 2

Well, I don't know that I have lots of exciting stories, but I have certainly enjoyed myself on the trains over the years. My very first experience was when I was maybe about 28. I was living with a Japanese family, and my landlady or host mother or whatever was taking her two kids and me to a concert.

We were taking the Inokashira line from Kichijoji to Shibuya, and we were just standing there quietly without chatting (so it was not obvious that we were together) when a guy started rubbing his backside into my crotch. Well, I really enjoyed it, but I also didn't want the folks I was with to notice what ws going in. I even moved around so I had my backside into his crotch for a while, and he was as hard as I was.

Just to make sure he didn't try to go with me when we got off, I said something to the landlady just before we got off the train, like "Oh, is this our stop?" so he could see I was not alone.

I got a good look at him as we were getting off the train, and it looked as if the front of his trousers were damp. I managed not to cream in my jeans - that time - but . . . well, I have to leave something for the next story.

Usually, I did the rubbing, and it was surprising how little resistance I met. Maybe because it can be done so discreetly, naturally even, in harmony with the movements of the train.

Once, I was standing behind this student in jeans who was one of my favorite types, i.e. athletic and dumb-looking. I started rubbing myself against him only to find that he was cooperating wholeheartedly by moving his backside suggestively, squeezing me at times. As I did not want to 'soil' myself before a meeting, I took my dick out and placed the red-hot tip strategically so as to press 'into' his jeans as opposed to 'against', the sides of my coat hiding everything from view.

To this day, I feel terrible because just as the train entered the terminal stop, I came. When the target of my affection walked off, the cream was dripping off the back of his jeans all too visible for anyone to see.

Worst of all, his baseball team-looking friends were waiting for him at the exit...

More about that and flashers after we get another story from one of you out there!

Post 3

I've lived a long, long time in Korea but never had an experience like you, KH. The closest was riding a bus in Seoul (the old type where you sat on "chairs" that were just stretched rubber accross metal tubes). A young lady (just my luck) in a very crowded bus started to rub herself (her sex) against my shoulder (I was sitting, she was standing). This went on for about 20 minutes and she was very, very damp by the time her stop came up. After she stopped rubbing me with her love lips, she just closed her coat and no one noticed her, but my shoulder was wet from her juices. I had to cover my shoulder with a scarf to hide the wetness on me. I'll never forget her shudder when she came - it shook me while she wiggled. I've had dreams about a guy doing that, but it never happened.
Post 4

When I first came to Tokyo, I was also touched and felt by a middle-aged woman on the subway, but at 23, I was too shy to move or enjoy, so I changed to another carriage at the next station.

That was my first sexual experience on public transportation in Japan, and I worried that it might be a normal occurrence, but it never happened again.

Japanese men sitting in trains, buses or subways, don't care if their knees or legs touch, and seldom move them away. You can test the waters by pushing just a little too hard or rubbing your leg up and down against your neighbor's. Once the "rapport" is established, hands hidden under folded raincoats or bags can easily reach their final destination without a map...

Buses that are not too crowded are particularly thrilling because of the contrast between what you are doing and the "normal" world just outside the window... Don't forget to pack some tissues in your pocket when you take the bus in Tokyo!

After one of you posts his own story, I will tell you about three flashers, ?? included...

Post 5

I've only heard stories about these so called, "gay train experiences," but don't know what lines or locations. I live in the Kansai area, I don't suppose there would be any on this side. Tell me!

When I first heard my friend's stories, sadly I thought he was bull shitting, now I'm realizing that it is true.

Would these people be setting you up, or just plain horny. Now you got me wondering.... Maybe I'll head out to Tokyo tomorrow.

Post 6

I prefer evenings at home, but on one late night train ride, always the most crowded, and rather drunk after a "sending-off party" for a colleague, there was this late thirties "salaryman", looking a little drunk also, virtually glued to me in front. We were both holding on to our respective straps, when our dicks came into contact and with the spark of instant recognition, started growing and standing at attention (thank you Moxie!). Our hard-ons rubbing against one another in rythm with the swaying of our carriage on the rails was excruciatingly erotic because of the people around us and the mutual pretense of being too drunk to care. We both got off at my stop and headed for the station lavatory. We came quickly, but intensely inside the cubicle, wedding bands betraying our marital status...

The wonderful thing is that this was not 2-chome, but everyday life. Two people returning home after work, dressed in obligatory suit and tie, enjoying a secret moment of sexual bliss in the crowd, culminating -without a word exchanged- in a shared climax. The fact that he was a Jguy and I a French guy made no difference and was of no importance whatsoever. Our senses took control of our bodies in a clean, natural, uncomplicated way only possible in Japan.

Post 7

I like to play the hand game too and have several stories of hands dropping down onto the crotch. But this is a little different. Once on a train (not many left here in the US.) I walked back to the end of the car and noted a cute young sailor(Love sailors) smoking in the vestibule. I said nothing but stared at the little bulge in his blues. Then I saw it rise and show a nice hardon. I sugessted that we go back to the mens room at the end of the car. He said okay but for me to go first so he can get his hardon down. We went to the mens room (which was empty) and into the toilet booth I had him stand on the comode which put his dick at just the right height for me suck it. The booth was very small and he could do little except jark me off.1 When it was over I peeked out of the toilet and the sittling room was filled with people including the conduter. I told him to just ignore everyone and just walk out.



« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2010, 09:00:17 pm »

Post 8

Anyway, a train story…

One the way home from work, on the Midosuji line in Osaka, a day of boisterous kids, 5 minute breaks, dazed and tired, I realised the feeling I was being watched. Which is not that remarkable a situation for a “Whiteguy” in Japan really. : )
But I wasn’t sure what kind of watching it was? Across the train and 5 meters to my left was a typically slim, unassuming, and totally hot Japanese guy that I had recently discovered unlocked orgasmic eruptions of quaking proportions within them and me!

I made eye contact with him, light and casual, and his eyes danced shyly away. So I stayed looking in his direction, actually at his crotch, before lifting my eyes again. Only to discover he was busy looking at my crotch. Thank god for my cheap suit and the weird, yet provocative way the pants would hang. He lifted his eyes and realised I had seen him looking at the bulge that was my flaccid cock, before he turned away I managed a quick smile, and he knew it was ok!

Where was this going? How soon was it to my station, and what the hell are the other people in this not crowed enough train thinking?

The next time I looked back his eyes were on my dick again! As well timed to the undulation of the train as I could, I gently swayed forward and back and moved my hips from side to side. Perhaps he would like a moving target. I didn’t know, but I sure was hoping so! He looked up again, met my eyes, realized what I had been doing for him, and smiled. I bloody well smiled back as friendly as I could! This was a completely new experience for me and had no idea where it would lead, or what could happen.

My station was fast approaching, was this all it was to be?

We smiled at each other again.

My station arrived, I stood, getting ready to leave, and he was still sitting.

Oh well, I guess it was fun while it lasted.

I stepped out of the train, turned to smile that last time, and he wasn’t there.
Out of the other train door, ahead of me, climbing the steps was “the smiling crotch boy”
Wow, I didn’t know I could climb stairs four at a time. LOL

Walking up the stairs, now beside him, we smiled and I uttered about the only Japanese I knew at that time, “Do you speak English”
He smiled, and in very halting English said, “Yes, I do, a little”

We stood at the top of the subway stairs talking, each exchanging bad examples of our second language.
He was really cute and totally oblivious to it. Where are you going? What do you do? I asked him if he had a girlfriend, and he told me no, he was too busy for a girlfriend.
Where was all this leading?
He asked me if I had a girlfriend, I also said no. He asked me if I thought Japanese girls were beautiful. Ok, here it is. I said yes, but I also told him I think Japanese men are more beautiful. I like Japanese men.

He didn’t run away, he didn’t step back in horror, he simply said he had not done that, and asked what it was like. I smiled, I told him I thought he was beautiful, told him my apartment was near here, and I could show him if he liked.

He said he would like that!

I do miss Japan
Post 9

In a crowded train, all you have to do is maneuver your way to the target of your affection and just hope the feeling is mutual. It most often is at the back (or front depending on the direction!) of virtually all commuting lines in Tokyo, and I would imagine everywhere else. Those carriages have a 'wall' across the width of the train that allows you to press yourself or at least 'accidentally' shove the back of your hand into your prey when the trains slows down to a halt. Reversely, G-force allows you to do the same when the train accelerates. If the conductor has not drawn the curtains across the glass partition, it adds a thrill seeing him and knowing he cannot imagine what you are now engaged in...

In a not so crowded train, the tools of the trade are indeed meaningful glances. If I am sitting and see someone nice standing, I get up and move right next to him, getting closer until I can 'accidentally' brush the back of my hand (holding onto a bag) against his crotch, and check the reaction. Once your friend gets a hard on, all you have to do is get off the train making sure you have established proper eye-contact beforehand, and head for the closest lavatory. This has happened countless times.

One of my fondest memories was of a mouth-watering young boy with something apparently massive in his trousers. He couldn't have been much older than eighteen. Making it all the more exciting, he looked difficult to catch. After approaching him and 'introducing' myself with a quick feel and a tell-tale glance, I signified to him to get off with me at Shinagawa station where I knew there was a lavatory at the front extremity of the platform on the Keihin Tohoku line. Fifteen minutes later we were back on another train, contented and friends. He was an apprentice cook at "Zakuro", a famous Japanese restaurant. We met regularly thereafter near his restaurant that was close to my office. I loved his looks and sex with him, but he started wanting to enter my life, and sadly I could not let that happen. I told him I was married, and we reluctantly parted as friends.

I am sure that with his great physique and tender heart he quickly found the much better partner he deserved. Twenty years on, I affectionately remember my lovely young friend, and sometimes wonder where he is now...


Station lavatories are so clean and welcoming...

Post 10

With so many good stories (above) I don't know if my paltry experiences are worth reporting. Anyway, I'll put down one more. I used to take the Yamanote from Shinjuku on past Shibuya fairly early in the morning when it was most crowded.

I guess it was the very back of the train where I always rode. Often there was quite a bit of feeling around, sometimes three or so working together, but I didn't see many people with their dicks out of their trousers. One guy one day, though had his out and I and several others from time to time pumped on him. I think he finally came into his handerchief. I was wondering what he was going to do with it when/if he came and hoping he wouldn't get it on me--I had to go to work and didn't want any souviners on my clothes.

My best/worst experience though was on one of these early morning Yamanote rides when a guy practically hugged me when I got on the train. I was soon obvious what he wanted and we fooled around quite a bit that day and several other times. I tend to suffer from premature ejaculation, and the "danger" of playing around in public makes it more exciting.

One of those days I went too far and creamed in my jeans. I was on my way to work and didn't want to show up looking like I'd been having train sex, even if I had. Anyway, I got off at Shibuya (next station) and waited in line to get into one of the booths where I cleaned as much of the mess as I could out of my tighty whities. It was enough to keep a wet spot from showing up on my trousers, so I didn't embarrass myself at work. My briefs were sure stiff when I got home, though.

But this guy followed me off the train at Shibuya and waited until I finished cleaning my underwear and came out of the booth and asked me if I was ok. I thought that was very sweet and kind of him and explained what had happened (maybe he had figured it out anyway). Anyway we exchanged some contact information and got together quite a few times after that for a session at a love hotel. It seems he was a tanshin funin (?) a guy with a home and a regular family in another part of Japan who was temporarily assigned to the Tokyo office of his company. I suppose he was in Tokyo for a couple of years, and we met as often as we both could get free.

Unfortunately, he was transferred back to his hometown, and I haven't seen or heard from him since.

Now that I no longer have that assignment where I ride the Yamanote, I realize that I should have put on a condom before getting on and then go ahead and let it rip. I suppose the only problem would be if I got limp and it slipped off either before or after the ejaculation. Anyway, perfect hindsight.

Lots of good things happened on the Yamanote, though. Another morning I felt a hand not brushing my crotch but very deliberately rubbing it. It was so crowded I had a hard time figuring out whose hand it was so I could return the favor. Finally I put my hand on his and and gave a little encouraging squeeze and then followed up his arm until I could find out which body it was attached to. Then I was able to make contact with his crotch and we had some good mutual massaging until one of us had to get off or maybe we passed Shibuya, where so many people always got off (off the train, that is) there wasn't much chance to touch without being noticed.

Most of my Yamanote experiences have been in the early morning, but I've had a few at other times of the day. One mid-day I was with someone, and I can't remember exactly who went first, but I got in one of those with my had around my shoulder bag and the back of my hand rubbing his crotch. I think he managed to give me some stimulation, too, without the person I was with noticing. That was also kind of fun.

I had one good one on the Chuo Line, back of the train from Mitaka to Shinjuku, and once on the Saikyo, but just one of each. Of course that's mainly because I don't ride them that often.

This got me thinking, what about airplanes. I would think that a transpacific flight (I'm from the US) or a flight between Japan and Europe, etc. would provide some great opportunities what with blankets, everybody sleeping, cabin dark for most of the flight. Of course you'd have to luck out on the person next to you because there wouldn't be much opportunity to shop around. Anyway, it's never happened to me, but I wonder how often it does happen. I would love to hear about any experiences.
Post 11

Before we move on to planes, there was this guy on the Yamanote line who was already on board when I got on at Takadanobaba. As soon as he saw me, out came his dick and, needing a change-of-mood after work, I started masturbating him. Just before we reached Harajuku station, he came, but it was not a few spurts. He ejaculated -shot after shot after shot- a massive load onto the "partition". Mission accomplished, he ran out of the carriage. I grabbed a seat. In the meantime, a group of five or six fashionably clad designer-type girls boarded the train, and rested their backs against the partition dripping with tons of freshly ejected globs of sperm... Eek

I still feel somehow responsible and guilty for this unfortunate sequence of events...
It really is a social phenomenon here in Jpn where people dont bat an eyelid toward any "misdemeanour" or "misconduct". One gets away with the most outrageous of actions.

Let's compile a list of must try rides. I note mention of the rear carriage of Yamanote trains in mornings. My contribution is to sample the mid train carriages with partiitions (going forward in either direction at peak times) on the Keio and Odakyu lines. Others, please add your recommendations and times for these roller coaster rides.

Post 12

In the go-go pre-HIV early '80s, when Gay culture became fashionable with movies like "Cruising", or singers like "The Village People", and plain demographics, i.e. the so-called "baby-boomers" about to retire en masse this year were still in their late twenties, the action was amazing and so brazen!

I remember one day in the basement floor of the then brand-new Taisei Corp. Bldg. (close to the Sumitomo Bldg. on the west side of Shinjuku station), there was (still is) a public lavatory that was at the bottom of steps leading from the pavement, so anybody could use the facilities without actually entering the building. One day, while relieving myself there, I noticed this gorgeous, tanned surfer, twenty or so, who looked ready for the picking. Never one to hesitate, I introduced myself by showing him my prized possession and proceeded to touch his. I pulled his Aloha shirt out of his trousers and realized he had no white mark. He was obviously tanned all over. After removing his shirt, I unfastened his trousers and they dropped to the floor. I then removed the underwear and he was standing naked in front of the urinal, being fondled by me. Another young guy got all worked up watching us, so I guided our adorable naked surfer in front of the large mirror lining the wash-hand basins so he could admire himself in good hands. We were soon joined by yet another Jguy, and the three of us were taking very intimate care of our boy who was by then ready to cum any time, but we didn't want the fun to end so quickly and made sure he didn't explode quite yet.

All of a sudden, a middle-aged salaryman walked in, looked at us, proceeded to relieve himself, washed his hands and wiped them with the handkerchief he held between his lips and walked away without saying a word. He looked neither shocked, nor interested, and just "minding his own business" as Nightbird put it so nicely.

This was by no means a rare occurrence. I was once deep-kissing another salaryman at the station near my office when other businessmen walked in but my partner (we would meet there almost every morning for a stroke and a kiss before work) didn't even bother to stop what we were doing. Same thing when another salaryman was on his knees sucking me in front of the mirror, and a man walked in, saw us and looked a little surprised, but did his thing and was out without a fuss soon after.

I remember a public lavatory in the shopping mall under Shimbashi station where you had to climb a few steps and when doing so you got a low angle view of all the urinals lined up. There were times when you could clearly see the erect dicks of five or six salarymen servicing themselves or others. They didn't try to hide themselves, and only moved a step closer to their bowls when the cleaning lady announced her arrival with a considerate "失礼します!" ("Forgive me for disturbing you!").

In those days, we often didn't even bother to enter private cubicles to enjoy ourselves. Sadly the AIDS scare and security-concerns changed all that gradually. Saunas were closed to foreigners, except for "24" (because its owner had a foreign bf). Nevertheless, things picked up again during the bubble economy. Trains and parks were once again steaming with action...

Unfortunately, what goes up has to come down, bubbles get bigger but sooner or later have to burst.

Babyboomers get hornier, but have to retire...
Post 13

I just got home tonight and stepping into my usual carriage earlier, I immediately caught sight of one of the usual suspects. This businessman would always stand back against the "partition" dozing with hands in pocket, the ideal position for his manhood to be manhandled. He was a reciever. But wait, this decent 30 looking salaryman was standing against the flow of oncoming passengers boarding. I had never seen him before but read his body language. I moved toward him but he didn't turn. We met face to face. The train moved and I tested the waters with my hand. He didn't flinch. When the train jerked he lunged toward my face. I pecked him on the ear. His fingers met mine and we squeezed. All this time I had my other hand on his erection gripping hard which got massive easily. I unzipped him. He squirmed. He brushed his hair against my face. Our grips locked tighter. But our journey came to an end. We parted with another squeeze of the hand.

Early morning, 6am. Slow to get up as usual and running late. Quick, quick, got to get on that train. Got a long commute today. Scrambled onto my favourite carriage. I scanned the people. It was crowded, the way I liked it. But no one interesting. I moved toward the crush wall next to a man in black coat. My gaydar tells me he is gay. I presented opportunities. Nothing happened. At the next station, a ton of people jammed in. Mr. Black Coat crushed against me. With a light brush of hands, we indicated consent. He immediately started to grope and I felt it stiffening. A few minutes later, my zipper was down and my weasel released. He carressed the head and worked the body. I was contented to be serviced and he was eager to oblige. Too soon the station where lots of people get off was coming up. He had to put the creature back. Then I yelped. Ahh! Pain. The zipper had caught weasel's underside. Poor man, he must have looked terribly apologetic but I wasn't looking. I was busy tucking incriminating evidence back into my pants as people were getting off.

Now there were only 6 people left standing in the section. A man in green coat who had been nearby all the time remained. There was plenty of space but he stood with Mr. Black Coat and me, both of them with their backs against the crush wall and me facing them. He is gay I thought and he probably sussed out Mr. Black and me. But this section was too exposed now so I stepped back to call a closure to the proceedings. Then Mr. Green took me by surprise. He yanked his zipper down and popped his thingy out. What the hell...there was a man reading by the door and he would surely see what was happening. Instead of backing away, I moved forward to block the cock. He motioned my hand onto it and it was rock hard. He must have been playing it too. I did him the favour in full view of Mr. Black until the station he got off. The three of us must have looked odd standing so close to each other with all the space around us but then again maybe not. I didn't care.

It was about 8 now and had to change trains at Shinjuku. I missed the Shonan line so had to take the local Saikyo instead. I felt perked and could do with more. The local line wasn't too crowded and the commuters in the end carriage didn't look promising. I can't remember the colour now but let's just say Mr. Khaki Coat lightly brushed my hand. I was still semi-hard and needed some so I consented. He didn't need encouragement and went straight to work. He didn't unzip me but worked me so hard that I was sure the movement and flapping of my trouser ends up and down would be noticed by everyone in the car. I realized his urgency. He had to get off at the next stop. I thought, "Three encounters and I haven't made it to work yet". I checked for tell-tale signs of pre-cum on my black trousers before work.

11:30am. Had to commute to another place for work. After the morning's events, I was still in the mood and thought I might test the effectiveness of my gaydar. I toyed with some rules in my head. I would try and identify the person but not initiate and see if he makes the move. I will play the role of receiver but if there is a nice dude I will not hesitate to break my that rule. But trains are half-empty now.

Boarding the crush carriage of the Odakyu line in Shinjuku, it was empty. Still I refused to sit and was determined to stand by the partition. When the train rolled, there were only a schoolgirl, a good looking 30yo guy and an older man with silver ring on his left finger standing. Mr. 30yo was tempting but he was busy playing his electronic gadget and wasn't gay to me, too bad. But I had my suspicion about Mr. Married Man. He showed tell-tale signs. He scanned. He shifted positions. These movements were just perceptible but I was positive about my hunch. We were standing beside each other between Gadget Boy and High School Girl along the end wall. I wanted to see if I was right that he is gay so I turned my back to the carriage with Mr. Married Man facing the opposite direction. Now if he wanted, he could initiate and grope me without being noticed. I left hints. I shifted my gait, repositioned, left my fingers within an inch for him to brush accidentally. Nothing happened, station after station and 20 minutes later, we reached the critical one where if nothing happened, nothing was likely to happen beyond. Nothing happened. I was wrong about him.

Then he tested my reaction. Our coats brushed first, then hands lightly. He needed encouragement so I gave him some fingers. He understood. His hand reached my crotch. He went for my zip but I quickly beat him to it remembering the incident of this morning. Weasel got stiff quickly being choked around the neck. I thought I would come for the first time on the partition of a train and Chanel clad chicks would later move in to stand up against it for some reason. The train was now half empty. I stretched my overcoat slightly to conceal his movements. But my hard cock was above glass height of the partition and could be seen from the adjoining carriage. I squinted to check. Good, no one was looking. Then he had to get off one station before mine. I thought darn, if he had gotten off with me, we could have concluded my orgasm in the station toilet.

Once, a Jguy told me after I had slept with him that sex for him was a sport. He was cute and my reaction could have been immediate disgust. It wasn't. I made a reality check and thought it was an apt description of myself too. I've had a baggage of sexual morals and issues I lugged through life. When sex is looked upon as sport it is liberating. An alternative viewpoint readers need not agree with. So don't hit me with any high moral ground.

8pm. The work day is over. All that is left is to get home, shower, have dinner and chill. From my work location I could either take a straightforward route home missing the train crowd or make a slight detour to Shinjuku and get the train home from there. So guess which I picked? 4 times today but I needed one more to round up my day of sports.

Peak train hours...should be a cinch, no? I scanned the prefered carriage. Mmm...not promising, too many women all friends yakking. I was tired and didn't want to delay getting home after the slight detour. I didn't want to wait 10 minutes for the next train so I jumped onboard. One dishy guy but the squeeze pushed him out of reach. I didn't think he was gay anyway. More people squished in as the train was about to depart. Who have we got around me? No, I should have waited 10 minutes for better company. Too late as the doors closed. Gaydar switches on and focusses on Mr. Black Coat #2 next to me. He shifts and scans and gets crushed face to face with a man against the crush barrier. Their relative positions is the biggest tell tale sign but they will be locked in that position for the next 20 minutes until the critical station when people get off. I could see Mr BC2's hanging arm. My crotch was a whisker away but he didn't make a move. Was he too busy being fondled by Mr. Silver Head against the crush barrier? I couldn't tell. I shifted and brushed. No interest. The train swerved twice and his hand rammed my mildly-stiff cock but still made no attempt to take advantage. I am positive he is gay but he must be so cautious. Only about 5 minutes left to the critical station and time is running out. All this time I had one arm jammed in an awkward position between the two men and if there had been shuffling of clothing I would have detected it. They didn't seem to be doing anything, even if squashed face-to-face. Was I wrong about this guy? I was sure I wasn't. I manouevered my trapped hand to brush his clenching his briefcase. If there is voltage he is gay, if there is resistance he is not. Mmm..not much current passing my electrical probes tell me. Tried again. And again. Then his free hand gingerly felt my cock. My, was he a slow starter and I was impatient. He was very cautious in his exploration but finally he found an equilibrium in his motion. His movements were like that of curiosity and discovery. I got stiff. Then the train reached the station.

The train emptied its commuters including the companion, Mr. Silver Head who may have engaged in some mild moments with Mr. BC2. BC2 and I remained onboard together with some other standing occupants. He was now turned and faced away from me. He must be a bit embarrassed by his recent handling of my privates I thought. As if to tell him that hey, that was fine and I enjoyed it, I lightly brushed his back. Did this a few times and each time he jolted like I sent an electric shock through him. Then I noticed a silver band on his left finger.


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Wow, these are hot. Thanks for sharing!


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Those were indeed hot!

The bathroom incident jives with the Asian videos I see of guys getting fondled but other guys there not minding at all.  I thought those voyeur videos were staged but they might not be?


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Super hot!


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Back in the 1970s 1980s the Madrid Metro trains were notorious too.  The front carriage Sol to Goya and rear carriage Goya to Sol were always busy morning and afternoon peak hours.  After initial rubbing close contact dicks came out and duo and trio J/Os occurred fast and furious in the 15 minute journey.
There were also some 10 central city and inner-suburbs flea-house cinemas exclusively and furiously operational with continual crawling and sucking along the rows;  some had handy in-auditorium WCs for stripped orgies....Those were the "illegal" Hunting and Gathering days...Sigh!!



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Wow, that was hot. I haven't done public sex, but someone did fondle me in a crowded train late at night. Although if i remember correctly, he was an old man and certainly isn't my type. He offered for a fuck when the train arrived at his station, but it's really late that night and i'm not sure if i could find another train to go home. So i ditched him.

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