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Animated - hand drawn or cg rendered representation of real life people and objects that can sometimes be routed in fantasy.

Anime - a Japanese style of motion-picture animation, characterized by highly stylized, colorful art, futuristic settings, violence, and sexuality.

Bara - Any type of drawn pornography which exhibits very masculine-looking and usually muscular men (often hairy) in homoerotic situations. Popular artists include Takeshi Matsu and Gengoroh Tagame who often portrays "bara"-type men being tortured and physically abused, at times even including scenes that include rape. Basically, he mostly does BDSM bara.

Cartoon - An animated television show. It does not feature real actors, except when using voices.

Comic - A book that reads with morer pictures and an action packed stroyline.

Futanari - In hentai, it is a girl that has a vagina AND a penis. She can also have testicles but not always. Just because the girl has a penis does not mean it is homosexual related.

Hentai - Hentai is japanese animated pornography showcasing women who have better bodies than any real women and men with enormous penises.
A common western(American) misspelling is hentia.

Lemon - An anime/manga based fan-work that depicts sexual acts. Often shortened to simply "Lemon", the term is actually derived from a hentai anime in 1984, "Cream Lemon", which told a story about a girl called Ami and her relationships. Since then "Lemon" has been used to refer to all sexually-oriented fanworks, in particular fan-fiction.

Manga - Japanese, means "flowing words" or "Undisciplined words". It is an ancient art that has been used for centuries as a form of entertainment. It's basically Japanese comic books, which can be easily translated to English. Usually non-pornographic.

Shota - Drawn porn involving a young boy, usually between 5 and 13, typically in Japanese anime/manga. These characters are cute, short, and innocent. In most yaoi, they are blonde. The other partner can be either another underaged boy or an adult, though adults are more common. While they do attract a fair size male audience, females are more drawn to them. While legal in is Not allowed on this tracker!! So don't ask for it or post it.

Yaoi - Yaoi is a slang meaning 'boys love' or homosexuality that is used in the japanese language. Popular with fangirls who like their favorite anime guys to kiss.  Usually stories of young boys coming of age.

Yiffy - Sexy, particularly as relates to sex with anthropomorphised animals, cartoon animals, or sentient animals, any of which may be known as a furry. From yiff.

Yuri - The female equivelant of yaoi. Explicit lesbian sex. Started in the anime fandoms, but can be applied to just about anything with girl/girl porn.
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