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Bailey, Connie - Kaji Sukoshi & The Shining One

When the manager of Kazuki, Japan's hottest pop star, approaches Benjamin Blume, manager of the fledgling rock 'n' roll band Hayate, he can't believe their good fortune. Their plan to court publicity by having Hayate's lead singer, Kaji, pose as The Shining One's lover sends both groups' popularity skyrocketing. But when the publicity stunt turns into a real affair with disastrous consequences, Kaji is left heartbroken.

Unfortunately, Ben has problems of his own. Soothing his lead singer's pain and keeping Hayate on the road to success becomes even more challenging when his ex-lover, rock god Hagen Rune, shows up promoting rival band Voodoo. Torn between the attentions of Kazuki's attorney, Shin Yoshiro, and the feelings for Rune that have never quite died, Ben's decisions could send Hayate to the top of the charts—or lead to disaster for them all.

Connie Bailey - Case of Mistaken Virginity

When Masey lets his best friend drag him to a wedding at a ranch in rural Florida, all he expects to find is horses. He's right about the horses, but a ride with cowboy Dale turns out to be a very nice surprise.

Connie Bailey - Daydreams (contains stories below)

Blue Magic

When the Puritan village of Perseverance was troubled by a lascivious warlock, they sent for the Witch-hunter know as the Sword of the Lord. What should have been a classic conflict of good and evil did not turn out as anyone expected.

Gently Down the Stream

Heading to his country home after a long week of work, Matthew Janssen meets a young man on the train – a startlingly handsome young man named Albin, who claims he can read Matthew's mind and show him his most hidden desires. But when he wakes at his stop, he's alone. Leaving the terminal, Matthew dismisses the incident as an erotic daydream – until he collides with the same young man, who's just missed the last train. Albin insists he's never seen Matthew before, but Matthew isn't about to let him disappear a second time.

Just Like In the Movies

While friend Bel is hoping to interview a movie star, Kit heads home and meets a down-on-his-luck stranger. One thing leads to another through the night, and Kit finds himself hoping for a happy, romantic ending straight off the big screen.

Once and Forever

Acey Calliburn has searched his whole life trying to find evidence that King Arthur and Merlin are real. Driven by something inside, he just can't believe they were the stuff of fairy tales and myths. Mysterious guide Robin Spires leads him to an impossibly great find, one that Acey can hardly believe, and he's sucked into what is either a make-believe world or the fruition of his most desperate dreams.

Suspension of Disbelief

Profiler Alan Haver and Sheriff's Deputy Dale Carson start out at each others' throats - literally. But a brutal double murder forces them to work together to find the killer. When mystic forces intervene and they find themselves drawn to each other, the two have to decide if letting the spirit move them is the right choice.


Multi-millionaire Pasha Barazov wants the best for his horse that's training for the Derby. Lucky for him, help comes in the form of Billy Donner, a stablehand who has just the right touch to keep Pasha's stallion in line. What Pasha wants to know is if Billy's touch will soothe him like it does Phirebird or if it will send him up in flames.

Connie Bailey - Miles to Go (pdf)

When British drug lord Gareth "Hairy" Carey stakes out territory in their jurisdiction, openly gay police officer Rick Miles is determined to use the opportunity to prove his worth to prejudiced colleagues. With no backup but his partner Graciela Cruz, Rick goes undercover without official sanction and wins a spot in Carey's gang using his good looks and sheer bravado. Now Rick is in the tank with the sharks, but this isn't his first cruise. He's prepared to deal with the vicious drug traffickers. What he isn't prepared for is Billy Rose, Carey's astonishingly handsome spoiled brat paramour.

Billy is sexy and smart, and he delights in seducing dangerous men - men like the one Rick is pretending to be. Thrown together when Carey orders the new soldier to squire Billy around town, Rick finds himself fighting a strong attraction to the sharp-tongued toy boy. Juggling the dangerous distraction and maintaining a credible cover, Rick is thrown off-balance by a sequence of disastrous events, and as he scrambles to keep his footing, the havoc accelerates before he can call in backup.

Marooned in a realm of sly deception, immediate reprisal, and sudden violence, he's forced to act against the dictates of his conscience to stay alive when a single misstep could mean death

Connie Bailey - Return of the Sun

Surviving the battle but threatened by the cold, Sweyn is desperately seeking shelter when he stumbles across a priest gathering the holy mistletoe for Yule. Demanding succor, he is surprised with the priest turns on him, not at all the gentle lamb he appears. They are an odd pair to pass the evening together keeping warm

Connie Bailey - Revenant

Expecting another run-of-the-mill salvage job, Bo Andressen and his crew arrive at a crumbling castle in Wales and walk into a mystery of murder, hidden treasure, and greed with roots in the far past. In cooperating with the local law enforcement, Bo agrees to bring in a psychic, hoping to debunk rumors that the castle is haunted. However, paranormal liaison Tristan Lambert discovers that ghosts are only one suspected danger.

Bo doesn't believe in ghosts, but Tristan is convinced they're dealing with a revenant—a hostile spirit feeding on sexual energy and striving to be reborn. The arrival of the castle's owner, Sir Rhys Turcotte, with his secretary—who happens to be Bo’s ex-lover—complicates an already dangerous situation. Unwittingly bound together by an evil spell, Bo and Tristan seek to unmask the revenant's earthly allies... before more people become victims to an ancient evil seeking to rule the mortal world.

Connie Bailey - Rusty American Dream

The 1957 Cadillac El Dorado Brougham was a classic both Chris and Gaetano couldn’t bear to let die. She belonged on the open road, blowing the doors off everything she passed, making everybody stop and stare.

Pooling their resources to pay for her restoration, it wasn’t long before their passion for returning her to pristine condition spilled over into passion for each other – until a stupid mistake threatens to leach all the magic from their dreams.

Connie Bailey - Something for Nothing

Alvaro Torres is a teenager with man-sized problems: his dad bailed, his mom’s a shut-in, and his teacher at Our Lady of Providence School for Boys thinks Alvaro and his buddies are punks headed for a minimum-wage future. It doesn't look like anything's going to change until Candelario Carlisle transfers in and arouses Alvaro’s protective instincts... among other things.

When a bully threatens the pretty new kid, Alvaro takes Cande under his wing and into his fledgling dance group. Slowly, under Alvaro’s care and attention, the hard shell Cande has built around his heart begins to melt. The more involved they become, the more reluctant Cande is to add misery to Alvaro’s life, but Cande’s past could ruin the only opportunity these delincuentes have for a better life.

Connie Bailey - True Blue

It wasn't the first time Heydn Case had to transfer to a new school, but Acton-Pierce Academy was the prep school of choice for people with a lot more money than he had. As always, the good-natured Texan was hoping to find a friend; his assigned roommate was hoping to be left alone and said so rather bluntly. Heydn had never met anyone quite like Blue Barclay, the campus's resident eccentric loner, but the two young men soon find they have more in common than they might have imagined. Friendship quickly takes on a new dimension of physical intimacy accompanied by bewildering new feelings. However, Blue and Heydn are given little time to explore and understand what is growing between them before they're pulled apart. Heydn is chosen for the track team and befriended by a popular senior. Fearing, rightly, that their relationship would cost him the place he's won at Acton, Heydn turns his back on Blue. He feels he's made the right choice for his future, but when Blue finds a new friend, Heydn realizes he's made a terrible mistake. Is it too late for him to try to win Blue's heart again?

Connie Bailey and JM McLaughlin - Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

When Sir Daltrey Powell summons his niece's old, stuffy piano teacher for a dressing-down, he's more than surprised when the young, handsome Professor Northlund Merrit presents himself. Despite their dispute, Daltrey is convinced: He will do what he must to fan the spark he saw in Northlund's eyes to flame.

Will post torrent when approved.

By the time you're done reading this and find out it doesn't really say anything, its too late.

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Ok, now that Thank you is cute.

Leatherbear - the Thank You Fairy, spreading thank yous where ever he goes.

By the time you're done reading this and find out it doesn't really say anything, its too late.

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Torrent approved:

Enjoy Wink

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