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Author Topic: muscle porn stories  (Read 2021 times)
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« on: October 26, 2014, 04:13:21 am »

I am 21, I am tall, white skin, brown eyes short hair color and a good physique and I go to the gym for quite some time. I always liked to read the accounts of this page, so I decided why not tell a story that surely will love to read.
Well my story started when I first started going to the gym I always kept slim athletic fitness by practicing sport, as my body was always important to me, but one day and decided to start making muscle, started looking good gyms close where I live and found one that was the most I sympathize me. When I entered I saw that the gym was well equipped with all the machinery and some that had been in life. A lively look and decided to register and pay the registration.
Thus came the first day I started to exercise, first thing I did was go to a nutritionist to recommend me a diet to gain muscle mass without gaining weight, well I were taking the measures and all when suddenly enters a young very I bet, I could say that was about 21 years old, blue eyes, short hair, tanned Pien had excellent or big arms but he looked good, he was with a tank top where her perfect breast was marked, was speechless and could not help seeing
-hey Paulo (which was the name of the nutritionist) I talk to you for what you done - he said with a smile as he saw me dazzled, I get off the looks and I've always tried to be very discreet, always and felt attraction to men, but that if I ever wanted me to come out, I think that a man is the sexiest and most masculine is display. Well to continue my story I decided to talk
-hey, just in case you are by coach? (Ask me)
bro-not sorry I'm not, but I train with one and if just in case you want someone who can help you so you can present
-many thanks, I said, I really am very interested in someone to help me since I'm new here
-clear understand, see, if you're done with Paulo, to meet him.
No other finished my section opens with nutrionista but I did not care as I was attentive to my new partner
-apology your name?
Carlos, glad
At that point just get where Jean Marco coach Carlos, he was a man as good-looking 35, with excellent body, hair colored dark brown very short and several tattoos on his arms, I spoke what I wanted to work and I wanted to get as a result.
Jean Marco said, well Culebra brought you to the right person for whatever you want to get
-Culebra? Who is he? And with that Carlos answer so they called as a nickname, ask for that era and not respond, just smiled very apuestamente taking off his shirt and turning around to show me his back in which he had a tattoo of a snake, then my eyes opened not expecting any of this, had a perfect body her abdomen was a chocolate with a toned and strong chest, a muscular back that were sad as he turned to put his shirt.
-well so I'll leave, said Jean Marco, and having a laugh three we started exercising.
That night I could not sleep for how hot it was and I kept thinking about how I would have Carlos to me and make it my own. I kept going to the gym and training with Jean Marco from time to time but trained with Carlos were times when our schedules did not coincide, sometimes they had Jean Marco working for some reason could not train me, then asked Carlos to by Please replace him, the ever so friendly and did not mind accepting me to train more became good friends, I began to know him better and told me that used to live in a city where there is beach and surfer and is why I always cares very much to have a good body and participating in contests and surf before going to the gym was asafato an airline. Little by little we started talking about a lot of things to get past talking about relationships, has had many girlfriends but none has lasted long.
Well kept passing month and every time I started to see more results in my body and kept going to the gym rather than exercise was to be with Carlos. One night Jean Marco asked me to please make him go to the last turn on the night was 9 and he could not attend because she was in a photo session and it was up close the gym that night. Well it was the first time I was coming so late to the gym and I usually sleep early. Okay so it was left at 9 as he promised, got the 9 30 pm and never appeared upset I that umpteenth had not come I'd done go for fun, as I had not much time in the gym I decided even run on the treadmill, when that I see and everyone started to get up and leave, as at 10 closes the gym, I did 15 minutes on the treadmill and it Jean Marco arrives, he was taken smelled of alcohol and was still based on the face of the photo shoot. He was very upset that I did not want to not talk, I grabbed my stuff and went to the res dress take a quick shower. As I got into the shower Jean Marco goes on to say that they will close and thinking that there were more people there, but they found me, I told him to give me a few minutes to quickly finished my bath I was completely naked and with water on me. Jean Marco did not say anything and just walked out the door, I already finished my bath when suddenly Jean Marco enters and stares at me intently, I had just reached my boxers and put on my stockings, wordlessly began to approach my gradually started to shake thinking it was going to do something wrong, when I finally came to me I look into his eyes and said
Desnudame Go ahead, I was foolish not know what to feel or think when then takes off his shirt, it was the first time I saw him without it, it was perfect with her flat abs and huge pecs body and grabbed my hands put on his chest, as if to reassure made ​​up and down his hard pecs and muscles with a raised eyebrow, my hands were tempted to touch it without thinking what is under his pants and underwear completely stay
-want see more? I said, I only nodded with head and getting back around and slowly he bent down to take off his boxers, I could see her anus showed to me, and is going to turn around I saw his semi-erect penis it was a long bighead cock, gradually growing, it grew to be if you want to be completely erectada 20cm, I still could not talk about it when he starts to stroke my dick
-let's see what you have here and all this time I've gone crazy to see, suddenly shatters my underwear leaving me completely naked before the
Suddenly I could hear as someone approached and it was late so you can get dressed again, when suddenly, comes Carlos
-and see why you delay too said
-tea told me to wait in the truck and went over there.
You were taking too long so that's why between, and I see that you think no hurry
-Haha is so, we see that incredible pass, you join us? Said Jean Marco
Without saying anything he just approached Jean Marco and allowed to undress him, apparently this was not the first time the two were together, one will see in boxers began to touch her body lagging behind and kissing her neck all doing to warm and I really got it. I was able to watch as the man who had fantasized all the time and been in the gym be morboseado by my coach, suddenly saw tremendous cock Carlos as growing in his boxers, and with his left hand down inside cover and lowering his hand grabbing your piece right gets stronger and beginning to masturbate as quickly as Carlos could hear moaning of pleasure and curiosity that he felt. I stood there watching all that porn movie kept my touch me and rub my nipples when the morbidity that both stopped and approached me as lions prey jean framework stood behind me and I had Carlos enfrene me, and I I could not take it anymore and started to kiss him, her lips were perfect was a pleasure to kiss him while under jean for back rubbing his entire cock up my slit that felt great, I kept kissing and masturbating Carlos, when that Jean Marco does put us in position 4 putting arms on a bench but being unemployed, began to make a black kiss and grope Carlos could see everything and started masturbating me, suddenly Jean Marco plays one of his fingers to his mouth and he sucks it well with saliva and leaving very wet proceeds to play with my anus was amazing, as he gave much pleasure to the ass of Carlos with that black kiss my penetrated me with all his index finger, change in routine and decided now I eat my ass and stick a finger at Carlos, his tongue was delicious and went throughout my slit got if tongue in my anus as penetrating me with the hand not penetrated Carlos I masturbated, the pleasure was immense could not wish for more, when I start to feel my cock is blowjob an exquisite form was Carlos gobbling my 19cm fat dick and rock hard, it was a thousand, best oral sex in my life feel my ass or cock eating at the same time for a couple Greek gods, Jean Marco unemployed and their arms placed me in 4 wide open and lubricated for all his stiff hard cock, Carlos was sucking me while Jean spat his cock and his finger playing a little deeper into my anus slowly began package to get me all that was painful at first because it was stubborn but his long dick began embestirme every time faster and stronger
-coño have that nice ass, I'm going to destroy todito
I just wanted more and more and the excellent Carlos I was already sucking cum so I asked him to stop, he got up and walked over behind me, my man finally going to make me his, getting his cock Jean Marco, Carlos lie on your back on the bench so I knew that what I wanted was for me ride him and so would myself comfortable and started to swallow his cock up my ass was delicious, began as delicate and soft as ever imagined I would be, stroking my chest, abdomen and legs and once in a while I masturbated very tenderly, Jean Marco just watched and kept pull themselves tremendous post he had, and came to me as he rode to the Charles should suck and so, had it all at that time was the external pleasure, when suddenly pulls his dick jean framework mouth, thought he was about to come was, but it was behind me and climbed into the body of Carlos
-tea have penetrated two yards before?
I replied with a bit of fear that no
as-well now you do
Without giving me time to think, began to introduce his cock on my ass and being penetrated by Carlos, the pain I felt was inexplicable, but having two males as these would have let me do anything, jean framework began to nail his cock as I could, tried to enter all but had trouble, Carlos instead only had around his well erect cock in my ass to make room for Jean Marco to drill my ass but once in a while on whether I penetrated smoothly, no moaning I shouted the pleasure he felt when in that frame jean starts giving strong thrusts getting all clavarmela, I felt like all his hot milk through my anus and cock Carlos, Jean Marco just moaned and moaned and kept giving me and his last penetrations orgasm, when the sac could feel his semen spread the inside of me, Carlos and I were still with all the milk slowly burst into that Carlos takes his cock in my ass, I was surprised to do
-now penetrate me you want to feel you inside me and all that milk coming out, I did not think twice and with the help of Jean Marco my cock got harder than ever, I began to get into cock my man, her legs on my shoulders or open in a perfect V, finally my fantasy was reality check I could penetrate and penetrate the man you've been hungry all the time. Jean framework began to suckle while Carlos and pervaded with the latest that would explode, they realized it would end so Jean Marco raised his head to look, I grabbed Carlos's cock and began to masturbate quickly the moaning and groaning and every time I felt my orgasm coming soon. Do not hold more see Carlos lying on your back with your legs on my shoulders and all that erect cock and explode inside the was amazing the best orgasm I've had in life, get me the ass cock and Carlos began to masturbate , jean framework proceeded to their mercy waiting for that white stream coming, Carlos hit a scream and saw as exciting as all their milk went flying across the room, we were both satisfied, exhausted but with that feeling only pleasure.
We showered together and the three parted with a kiss and everyone to your home ...


« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2015, 10:33:16 am »

well....the story was great but the grammar made me confused...

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