Gay couple allegedly asked 'to stop what you are doing' in London restaurant
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Author Topic: Gay couple allegedly asked 'to stop what you are doing' in London restaurant  (Read 2023 times)
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« on: January 10, 2015, 09:00:39 pm »

A gay woman allegedly asked to stop consoling her distraught partner in a London restaurant has spoken of “shock” at the couple’s treatment.

Lydia Cawson, 29, alleges she and her girlfriend were asked by a staff member at Southbank’s Canteen eatery to "stop what you are doing please, this is a family restaurant."

Ms Cawson, who works in the Oxo Tower as a wardrobe assistant on the stage adaption of Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales, had met her girlfriend for a brief dinner.

She told London Live how her partner became upset after a stressful week and she was consoling her, sitting beside her and giving her a "light peck on the lips." A member of staff is said to have come over and asked them to stop.

"We were really shocked by this challenge because we didn’t feel like we were being overly affectionate," explained Ms Cawson. "I didn’t notice any adverse reaction in the restaurant myself."

"It was just a simple loving reaction," she said.

Although the restaurant has now apologised for any "issues" arising from the incident, and said it would investigate what happened, the incident comes amid a new report that shows rising levels of hate crimes across the capital.

According to the Metropolitan Police crimes targeting the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender) community have risen to as many as 100 cases a month, with a monthly increase of 21.5 per cent since March 2014.

"I feel like something needs to be done," Ms Cawson said when asked about the figures.

"I don’t know whether it is about awareness, I don’t know whether it’s about a sort of education of what is homophobia, what is offensive to people. I don’t think people are fully aware of different comments they make as to how they are received and I don’t know how that can be changed."

She claimed that many of her friends’ and family’s personal experiences did not attest to London being a LGBT-friendly city.

"But there are so many homophobic, not even homophobic but just prejudicial, acts you witness all the time, every single day in London," she claimed. "It happens all the time."

A spokesperson for the restaurant told the Evening Standard: "We have been already being in touch with the two guests that raised a complaint following their visit last week trying to get further details of the visit. We have apologised to them for any issues that this may have caused them and we have started a full investigation into these allegations.

"At Canteen we train all of our staff and managers in Equal Rights and opportunities no matter the race, religion or sexual orientation.

"We are very surprised and shocked to learn about this issue, which we have never encountered before. Nonetheless this has been taken extremely seriously and a full investigation has been launched to find out what happened."


« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2020, 06:03:31 pm »

If religion didn't exist telling it's sheep that homosexuality is wrong then this wouldn't exist.


« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2020, 03:09:13 pm »

What kind of "excuse" or justification is "stop what you are doing please, this is a family restaurant."?

This is SO homophonic... that stuff member should be fined for "hate crime"!  Huh?
At least, in Spain this would be a typical reason to fine that person for that crime.


« Reply #3 on: August 01, 2020, 12:55:14 pm »

Surely there is more to this than the original report makes out. London is a very accepting city, especially the Southbank area. Guess we'll never know.


« Reply #4 on: August 04, 2020, 11:40:37 pm »

It is dangerous to generalize. You really can't say cities are safe. I lived in Chicago, and it is one of the best cities for gay people in America. On the North Side of town  from the Loop to Howard St you can be as gay as you want to be. Heck there are places in Chicago that you can go for hours without dealing with straight folks. But I was also called "faggot" there more than  anywhere else. Because if you were South of the loop or too far East it gets homophobic quick.

Plus, cities can have little homophobic islands in them. Boystown had the Salvation Army right in the middle of it.

Now I live in a small town. I am very open. I am a part of the leadership team at my Church. We have a gay man on city council. A gay man running the a huge community center and several gay business leaders in the red half of our State.

I encourage people to judge actions of individuals and not the collective.

As for the couple that seems pretty messed up to bother then, but one person's peck on the cheek is another person tonsil hockey.
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What's with today, today?

At the of the journey, I don't want to be known for what I have or what I don't or what I've accomplished. I will be proud if people say, "He was kind. He gave people grace and compassion. He held space for those who needed it and he experienced a lot of people and places. Love was his mission. He was a whore with a wicked sense of humor, and his laugh shook the world.

« Reply #5 on: August 06, 2020, 07:16:15 am »

The OP was 5  years ago and things have changed.

The city I live in used to have homophobic (almost all were non violent) incidents fairly often and now it's quite rare to have one.


« Reply #6 on: August 06, 2020, 10:26:13 am »

Unfortunately there are still some homophobic attacks in many cities, including London (and mine, for example):


« Reply #7 on: August 07, 2020, 08:02:37 am »

Of course, there will be hate crimes even today.

We also have to admit that there a more and more fake hate crimes as well. 


« Reply #8 on: August 07, 2020, 05:13:02 pm »

This is not the case, unfortunately, in my country: hate crimes occur more often than before, and very few (to say almost none) of them are fake  Cry


« Reply #9 on: August 07, 2020, 05:53:56 pm »

This is not the case, unfortunately, in my country: hate crimes occur more often than before, and very few (to say almost none) of them are fake  Cry

Fake hate crimes are very rare in the U.S. compared to real crimes but when they occur, they get a lot of publicity.  People who get their news from unreliable sources like Fox News or Facebook have a very distorted view of the world that reinforces their ignorant viewpoints.  Those people often focus on something that rarely occurs while ignoring what often occurs.  

Sometimes they will even invent hoax hate crimes that never existed, for instance, claiming that Bubba Wallace falsely reported a hate crime when that is completely contrary to facts, because it fits their hateful, racist perspective.  Even when presented with evidence, they will cling to their ignorant false beliefs, and that's how you know they are actually stupid and incapable of learning as opposed to just being ignorant.   Sticking to false beliefs over facts is dangerous:  think about regressive, autocratic politicians like Bolsonaro and Trump and how their denial of science for political convenience is costing hundreds of thousands of people their lives.

Any kind of false report of a crime should be taken seriously, but unfortunately the vast majority of hoax racial hate crimes in the U.S. are white people falsely blaming black people for crimes.  White people will invent a black criminal as a convenient way of deflecting blame from themselves or other white people.  

There's a long history of that in the context of institutional U.S. racism, white people accusing black people of violent crimes they did not commit, and particularly white women falsely accusing black men of rape.  That goes back centuries.  U.S. history is full of cases of such false accusations, often resulting in the gory death of an innocent black man by a lynch mob.


« Reply #10 on: August 08, 2020, 10:43:32 am »

Ah, if you get our news from CNN and MSNBC you get real news.   

Jackie of UVA, Mattress Girl, Take Back the Night Girl, and many, many others were on your liberal news outlets.   They were proven to all be lies. 

Read up on the author of the Rolling Stone Jackie of UVA article.   Even before that story, she had a history of making up stories to fit her leftist narrative.

The black chick "fact-checker" from The New Yorker who lied about the disabled vet with the nazi tattoos loved to brag about making up shit and using her "I'm a fact-checker" to convince people it was real.

The New York Times hired known anti-white racist, Sarah Jeong.

Hows that "Russian collusion" working out for you?   Rachel Maddow was almost sobbing when the Mueller report came out.

What about Trump's leaked taxes?  Talk about Rachel Maddow wasting an hour on that "bombshell".

How's Chris Cuomo's COVID-19?  Remember him lying and saying that it was a federal felony to read WikiLeaks and that we could only get the facts from the media? 

What about that other guy who faked having CoVID-19? 

AOC crying at an empty parking loot, claiming it was an ICE detention center? 

What about the photos from Obama of kids in the dog kennels that were falsely blamed on Trump?

What about the lie about the photo of the little girl crying, claiming she was taken from her mother at the border? 

I have posted about several fake hate crimes, as well as fake rapes, in the politics section. 

There are also non-whites accusing whites of hate crime that never existed or was in fact a crime by the non-white, such as those black chicks on the bus who started a fight with whites students.  The black chicks were busted by the CCTV on the bus.   

There's the SC mayor who still claims that tree pollen on her car was a racist attack, despite her own police depart, state police and FBI all saying it was tree pollen. 

Joy Reed lied (liberal media hag we are supposed to trust) about her account getting hacked when people showed her homophobic FB and Twitter posts.  The bitch is still on the air spouting her lies, but Fox is "fake news".

Read the reports and watch the interviews.  Even Bubba Wallace seemed confused about the "facts". 

George Floyd's death is not so racist now that the body cams have been leaked.   Let's not forget that 2 of the 4 cops were not white, but let's blame "white supremacy".

Multi Billionaire Oprah is saying that poor whites are privileged compared to every black person, including her and Obama.   

You remind me of that black chick on Jesse Lee Peterson's show Fallen State.  She grew up extremely privileged and wealthy, but couldn't be bothered to do her schoolwork so she NEEDED Affirmative Action to get into UCLA.  She too blamed "white supremacy" for every failure of hers, because liberal blacks refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.  It's easier to live the life you want and blame crackers.

Similar thing in the UK.  Blame the system for your failures.  You might have heard of "Windrush".  It refers to the first ship to bring a bunch of black Caribbeans to the UK in the 1960s.  Anyway, when the Caribbean countries started to go independent, the UK gave those people years from the date their country went independent to decide if they which country they wanted to be citizens of.   Even now, many didn't do it and now they are but hurt that the UK government is enforcing it's immigration laws.   Far leftwing rag The Guardian interviewed some of these people and they admitted that they couldn't be bothered to file the paperwork back then to become a UK citizen.  One woman even said "I was too busy living my life to be bothered to do it", but that wasn't enough for her to not call the UK racist 50ish years later.

It's funny how conservative blacks are called every racist name by liberal blacks for daring to leave the plantation. 

Finally, white liberals are the true white supremacists (and sexists) since they infantilize non-whites (except people from far east Asia and India) with their RACISM (AND SEXISM) OF LOW EXPECTATIONS.

When in doubt, blame honkeys and penis possessors.


« Reply #11 on: August 10, 2020, 10:07:51 am »

Let's talk about "white supremacy" in the UK. 

For 50 years, politicians, police, social workers and the media conspired to keep the victims silent about the muslim rape gangs.   

We even had a female muslm MP Naz Shah say;  “Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity.”

Another MP (Robin Cook, I believe) was kicked out of the Cabinet for quoting one of the muslim rapists, saying that white girls are trash to use and throw away. 

Then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown sent a memo to all the UK police departments telling them to keep the rape gangs secret for diversity, in about 2009.

The UK government did an extremely long and expensive review of the muslim rape gangs, but have kept it secret because they claim it's not in the public interest.


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