Most Despised Candidate
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Author Topic: Most Despised Candidate  (Read 3174 times)
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« on: April 24, 2016, 07:56:33 pm »

This post could go under Rants and Raves, but it is here because I think it is funny.

Smug, self-satisfied tv host Bill Maher recently did a piece about a People magazine cover story about Hillary Clinton, which he revised as a similar story about the smarmy Canadian who claims to be the Chosen candidate of the one, true god.

The whole segment is short and funny, but since I took the trouble of capturing two images, I'm sharing them here.

As two former Confederate states have decided to demonize transgender people by doing a massively fraudulent bathroom freakout that is driving performers, sports events, and industry to spend their dollars elsewhere, even Drumpf says these laws are discriminatory and bad for business. He knows about discrimination, right?

But little Teddy Crud could not wait to issue adverts praising these wise and noble hypocrites in order to pander to the worst of the worst on the Republic*nt side of US politics. He also has been in court in the past arguing that masturbation was not a legal right. And, of course, he is the one most responsible for shutting down the US government because he could not get his way by reasoned debate and so had to stamp is little feet.

The degree of arrogant slime concerning this dude is really unbelievable. As a US Senator, he called his party's leader a liar in open session. That is infra dig. Simply not done. Fortunately, he will not win the primary going on now for his party to select its standard bearer, for the simple reason that if he got all the remaining delegates not yet nailed down, he would find there are still not enough.

Oh, btw, one of his great ideas is for the US to return to the gold standard. Grrr.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this evidence of how even his own party despises and loathes the smirking creep. Again, I think it is funny, but your mileage may vary.



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