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Author Topic: Jocks and Cocks  (Read 998 times)
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« on: May 02, 2016, 01:37:44 am »

Seriously, what are they thinking? All over YouTube are videos of student wrestlers with spectacularly prominent boners.

There are bicycle racers whose form-fitting crotchwear is more like a fitted glove than protective concealment.

By now, everyone must have seen runner Matt Shrivington's package swing back and forth in obscene display with every step he takes.

Olympic gymnasts bulge in their outfits even before the strain of actual muscle work presses package against pants.

Divers wear next to nothing and seem inured to any sense of impropriety in letting their barely constrained rudder act naturally. Water volleyball may involve deliberate underwater groping as a winning tactic of intimidation, same as with wrestlers who think they can get away with working below the belt.

You know all that, right? And yet athletes stand in costume, bulging dicks pushing out at various angles, and pretend to be unaware they are advertising the size and shape of their equipment in a way that may attract useful partnerships for a quick frolic, but is hardly what they would use in a singles bar or general social setting as a means of attracting mates.

Actor Jon Hamm has attracted so much attention and commentary for the way he is obviously going commando much of the time that he has complained about it. But if he really didn't want everyone to notice his schlong and appreciate his endowment, he would find a way to tie it down. Popular and handsome Michael Landon sometimes could not enter a room of the ranch he lived on in "Bonanza" without being preceded by a thick poker every cameraman and costume designer, at least, had to be aware of.

That's different from deliberately doing a nude scene (which these days often goes well beyond a rear view), gratuitous or otherwise.

Hamm, presumably has long ago reached the "I don't give a shit" stage. And there are enough musicians flashing the audience that some of the intentional display really is flaunting and bragging and rejoicing in what they possess and enjoy as sexually active hedonists. One has only to look at the near fetishistic body work of the muscled up and tatted up and frequently nearly naked (sometimes actually so) to see the high-hormone level of self-celebration.

Not different, in some ways, than the usual lies about how much and how often they are getting laid, the boasting of sexual prowess more likely assertive than actual.

So some don't care, some are proudly flaunting (selfies make this not only easy but permissible because the privacy of man alone with camera having a "private" conversation is safer and easier now that it is technologically facilitated and increasingly acceptable behavior).

But, after all that wandering through my usual bewilderness of words, I still am puzzled. Don't these people know their cocks and balls are public knowledge when they get boners while doing their sports competitions? It takes time and effort to pack those Speedos in a way that doesn't call attention, right?

So are these people mostly pretending that nothing unusual is going on and no one is paying attention and it just goes with the territory? Are they genuinely unaware that they are busting out of control?

And how do they cope with that knowledge-- some kind of compartmentalization that lets them close off the areas where their bodies are almost completely revealed from other areas of life and action?

Perhaps what puzzles me about the blatantly obvious protrusion and movement of the central sex areas is only some form of the way a man may pack himself into his jeans, carefully arranging his penis up, down, or sideways for comfort, and perhaps admiring the result in the mirror as he notes the curves and concave features accentuated by the drape of his clothes as he heads out to meet the world, one hot, smooth stud, well packaged and well wrapped.

Just wondering. How much attention to YOU pay to where you wear your meat and how much attention do you seek to draw by the way you dress? Presumably different for a board meeting than rough sports play, different for circumstances where a pickup would be a goal.

Women can show their cleavage in settings both formal and informal, but men cannot and do not. If a man wants to be hit on at a bar, by men or women, and the setting is more formal than jeans with their macho manner, what kind of attention and choices are involved for a business suit or for leisure wear at a resort?

And now there is the whole question of droopy drawers, where some younger men think showing six inches or more of colorfully covered ass above their carefully lowered waistline is, I guess, some kind of come-on, because baggy pants that show nothing in front have replaced the form-fitting crotch-promoting come-ons some of us still prefer to oogle.

Or does that style of dress become some new macho defiance of norms that defy you to think they are not well equipped, just supremely confident that they don't need to offer that particular type of tease?

The things I'll never know....


« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2016, 11:23:07 am »

Easy answer.

When you see them on television in those tight hugging sports clothes, they've already worn those same clothes at least a 1000 times or more. It takes four to eight years in order to reach Olympic levels, if not longer.

By the time all the cameras are pointed at them, they'll have become so accustomed to everyone looking at their junk, that they won't care that the audience has increased a thousandfold, as it's a non-factor in their mind.

And athleticism itself changes how a guy deals with nudity. They're forced in so many situations with communal nudity, fast clothing changes and almost-nude physical examinations that they won't care after a period of time.

Their nude form is just something that's part of life. And if some people enjoy the sight and become sexually interested, it's just a fringe benefit of their way of life.

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