Is Shutterbug Sex More Fun?
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Author Topic: Is Shutterbug Sex More Fun?  (Read 751 times)
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« on: July 12, 2016, 12:23:02 am »

This geezer was taken aback when having sex with young Johnny Storm, a
handsome blazingly hot stud easy for me to confuse with his Fantastic Four
character, The Human Torch. The hard-dicked dreamboat cockfucker was not
content just to unload his fresh sperm into me, but filmed it happening at the
same time.

Now it turns out that maybe taking photos is not a way of avoiding the actual
experience or postponing the fun for later reruns of what got missed due to
distractions from aiming, focusing, and keeping the skyrocket in view as it hit
the level of ecstatic dazzling. At least, it says here:

"News 'Flash': Fans Who Take Pictures at Concerts May Have More Fun"

"Another study published last month found that the mere act of taking pictures during an event leads to increased satisfaction during and after the experience — even if photo-takers aren't given access to their pictures later — as long as the photo-taking doesn't become an impediment to focusing on the event."

Allegedly, "The study found that people are, in fact, more engaged when they take photos and therefore, more satisfied, because increased engagement in an experience "has been shown to boost feelings of joy."

All I know is that my feelings of joy were not restrained, and once I got over some degree of panic over being recorded in flagrante delicious, I thought an instant viewing of the scene was pretty damn thrilling. If there had been a way this superhero could have provided me a copy of one of my finest moments for frequent review things would have been even better, and I could have brought home an awesome reminder that hot intergenerational sex is not just a tale told by all too few porn studios in some of their more inspirational and educational videos.

In an odd twist, the story continues, "Part of the enjoyment study asked subjects to perform an extra step before taking a photo of an pleasurable experience and then take time to delete photos after. The study showed that the distraction negated the positive effects of taking a photo on levels of enjoyment.

"Taking photos may shift one's attention away from the rich emotional experience, reducing enjoyment. Similarly, it is possible that in social situations (e.g., dinner with a friend), photo taking is more disruptive (e.g., to the flow of  conversation) and could reduce enjoyment of the experience," it said.

What does that even mean? Self-made videos found online often have a disgusting amount of futzing with the camera, horsing around with focus, and otherwise harassing the fourth wall instead of letting the viewer continue fapping with no break in attention for technical issues. But if images are deleted once the afterglow has dissipated, is the triumphantly orgasmic finish retrospectively dampened?

Of course not. Susan Sontag said that photographers were "greedy," and if a quiet dinner turns into a photo shoot instead of something more intimate, she certainly has a point. It did take me a while (minutes at least) to give up my resistance to the demanding insistence my partner had on making me a helpless victim of his directorial skills, unable to control in any way what he did with the digital record.

I could have refused to play and done without enjoying the power with which he produced his massive load, but as stated, I submitted to his authority as a young but skilled and experienced top, letting him breed as he liked best, even though it felt he was disrespecting me by doing it his way. Some old dogs can learn new tricks, and this trick was definitely worth learning. I don't think he was trying to be intrusive, just doing what came naturally. Ah, youth!

Those who have had more experience with amateur camera work done as part of the play and not for any apparent intent to broadcast or post the intimate coupling and its result may have observations of their own and I'd welcome to hear them.

As the beneficiary of dick and the dicker's camerawork, I'm in no position to judge in what way it turned him on or contributed to the pleasure he took in his orgasm. All I know is that I loved the instant rerun and wish still I could have had a copy of it for my memory. On the other hand, perhaps he missed something by adding this extra feature (fetish?) to our encounter. The article goes on to say:

"A 2013 study in Psychological Science found that people who took photographs remembered fewer details about a trip to a museum than people who visited the museum sans cameras, but scientists say the conclusion of the study doesn't mean memories are lost.
   " 'A key point [of the study] is not so much that taking pictures decreases our memory but rather that it shifts our memory focus,' said Tracy Alloway, Ph.D., a psychologist who studies the effects of technology use on the brain. 'This process is known as transactive memory, which means that we rely on other sources -- family, friends, iPhone, social media -- to store our memory for us,' Alloway told NBC News."

In completely unrelated news that has nothing to do with torrent sites or online

          Apple Just Patented a Device to Stop You Recording Live Shows

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. And tekkies might consider starting in right now to block the blocking software already on the horizon.

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