Bring Back Dante's Cove - Season 4, The Next Generation
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Author Topic: Bring Back Dante's Cove - Season 4, The Next Generation  (Read 1959 times)
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« on: November 04, 2016, 06:24:55 am »

About this project

Support us in creating a new season of Dante's Cove. This is our chance to breathe new life into the most popular gay and lesbian soap opera in TV history. And well get the chance to answer fans' unanswered questions from the last season, too!

Dante's Cove was the world's first gay and lesbian soap opera that brought supernatural, sensual, thrilling characters and story lines to an idyllic beach town that is no escape from malevolent forces. The first season of Dante's Cove was unleashed on the world in 2005 and it quickly became a hot-like-fire sensation! In the course of three seasons, the high drama and fearless sexuality intensified until, at the end of season three, the Cove and its residents faced impending annihilation. Talk about a cliff hanger!

The show's producers went on to create popular new series like The Lair and From Here On Out, but the passionate and obsessed fans of Dante's Cove have never stopped demanding another season.

And now, with your support, we can relaunch a new season of Dante's Cove! If we successfully raise $300,000 (6 episodes at a cost of $50,000 each), we will rush a new season into production and take you back to the Cove!

The show will be recharged with a hot, new cast, addicting romances and rivalries, and an amazing story packed with sexy adventures that will surprise and astonish every Dante's Cove fan. The scripts have been written, the casting has already been done, and as soon as we begin to approach our $300,000 goal for six episodes, we can start revealing additional celebrity cast members!   

We'll use your money to make Season 4 the hottest ever. Every penny will go toward the production and Kickstarter rewards and fees; plus we'll make the necessary investments to ensure Season 4 has all the entertainment value you deserve. We'll pick up the loose threads from Season 3 and, together, we'll make Dante's Cove a TV phenomenon once again.

Behind the scenes, we've concocted a thoroughly modern reboot of the cast and their dynamics of love, lust and conflict; the sorcery that spurs from the Book of Tresum; the special effects and thoroughly quotable dialogue. A talented and diverse ensemble of ambitious actors will take on the roles of Season 4 with a vengeance.

Fans of previous Dante’s Cove seasons will be delighted by the return of director Sam Irvin, who is poised to deliver the type of sexy supernatural drama you've come to expect from Dante's Cove. Key characters will return and new characters will light up the Cove with fire and passion.

The young hero of Season 4 discovers emerging desires and powers that lead toward danger; powers the likes of which haven't been seen in generations. Meanwhile, a global conspiracy awakens and casts new dramatic light on disturbances in Dante's Cove.

Unknown alliances will be revealed. New powers will manifest. Murder, betrayal, adventure, and unrelenting passion will seduce you like an ex lover you can't resist. Hopefully you're totally on board by this point. Maybe you've already made your contribution, selected your rewards, and are sashaying around social media helping to spread the word to all of your supernatural sex scene-deprived friends! But if you're still on the fence, maybe we can make it easier for you to back the project.

The most compelling reason to become a supporter today is to see new episodes of Dante’s Cove… And not just you, but think about the friends and family who you can introduce to the new Dante’s Cove: the one with a hot and sexy cast, present-day relationship complications, and steamy new scenes and clashes of Tresum forces!   

Also, let’s not forget: this is Kickstarter. That’s going to mean some hot limited edition Dante’s Cove premium merch and rewards for helping us out. 

What if just bringing back Dante’s Cove isn't enough for you? Fabulous! For the real queen bees, we're offering all sorts of ways to be part of the episodes themselves. You can… Steal the hearts of millions when you... APPEAR IN AN EPISODE . Or kickstart your writing career and… HELP WRITE A LINE FOR A SCRIPT.

Connect with the Dante’s Cove legend. All backers – no matter what you pledge – will be added to the Dante’s Cove updates feed. We'll invite you to be a part of the Dante’s Cove reboot experience. You'll get our behind-the-scenes updates, a preview of production stills, and the heads up on exclusive supporter-only information.

We don't just want to take your cash and carry on: we want to take your cash and pour it on. Most Kickstarter projects promise exclusive behind-the-scenes updates, but it's a real priority for us to keep the titillating updates coming your way. Just like the pages of the Book of Tresum and its mystical lore and legend, we have pages of plans to share exclusives with you.

Risks and challenges

The original Dante's Cove team and director will be coming back for Season 4, thus eliminating so many potential challenges. Scripts are written and casting has already taken place. The fact is, we are on stand-by and ready to spring into production when we reach our fundraising goal.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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