The best sex act?
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Author Topic: The best sex act?  (Read 1275 times)
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« on: November 15, 2016, 12:56:04 am »

I want you guys to describe your best sex experiences with all the details  Evil
The sex memory of which gives you a total hard on. The most intensive and pleasurable one.

I can start.
My best sex was with the guy I loved and actually still love. I really looked forward to it because we never talked about it and that made our relationship kinda special and honest. Then after few months we finally did it. Well maybe I'll just tell you the whole story because it may spice things up a little.

I'm 23, short dark hair, with a short facial hair, been doing the gym thing pretty often lately so I'm like 180 cm with 80 kg, pretty smooth not that big but you can see all the muscles and I'm twice more wide than I was. He's 36 bald as tall as me, really handsome and masculine with a muscular bodybuilder type body and a little darker (tanned) skin and a lot of hair on his torso. He's like a walking testosterone, but he keeps them trimmed so the full front body is hairy in maybe 9mm short hair. It's like one of the most sexy things I have seen or felt. We weren't together when we did it actually and had a lot of fights before so I wasn't really expecting anything. I came to his city for a weekend and asked if I can stay for the night and he agreed. He picked me up pretty early so he was sleepy all day and we went to bed after lunch. I was going to work on my laptop when he was laying close to me and trying to sleep but it started updating. So I took my phone and tried to just do some stuff on the web but it didn't cooperate with wi-fi so he told me try restarting it. I did, but it froze. I was like "fffffuuuuuck! what can I do? I have to go to sleep too" so I took my clothes off too and we just tried to fall asleep. We came a little closer and I felt him presing his big muscular back against my chest. I threw my arm over his chest and embraced him and haha he noticed my heart going fast against his back. We changed positions a few times. I was also laying on my back and he just had his big bald head on my chest and I was holding him. Couldn't really sleep though. All I could think about was just to keep him safe. I knew how much shit he's gone through. After he slept a little I just caressed his chest and belly with my hand, like counting every hair on that sexy torso. It lasted few quarters and he said "well I think you convinced me for that massage you promised". He took some oil and laid on his belly, I put some of it on his back and started rubbing it in. I'm really good at massage so it wasn't a problem I just started with a classical, medical massage but well when the time went on it became more delicate, more sensual, more erotic. Just me in my boxers, sitting on his big ass was exciting. It was such a good ocassion to explore his whole body. GUYS, I really recommend you this. There is a blurry line between massage and sex. Really. Both are pleasurable and physical and also intimate. It's the best way I guess, to turn one into the other. But you have to be careful still. He gave me a sign when he lowered his pants a little. I took care of his arms, his hands, his legs, even his feet and that was something new to me but he was so perfect even that was sexy. I licked his feet and toes. Then massaged his back all over again and kissing his neck. When I took of his pants I saw the most beautiful, blonde short haired ass I've ever seen. I rounded my hands on both sides of the bubble butt and put some oil in the crack. The great thing was that his legs were apart and I could see the snippet of the dick between them. I started massaging his asshole and fingering a little, and then rimming it and biting his cheeks. Grrrr. It was delicious. I don't say things like that. Mostly I was disgusted by an activity like that, but couldn't really take my tongue of him. As I did it his cock wen bigger and bigger. It was actually pretty pretty big. And the best thing was, it was still hard and hanging downwards between his legs when he was on his belly. Which doesn't happen to a lot of guys right? Cause mostly dicks rise forward or upwards, but his was elastic and still as hard as steel. So I played with his ass and put his cockhead in my mouth at the same time. Wow, sucking him this way "from behind" was really new but so amazing. I also sat between his legs spread apart, near his crotch and laid on my back so our asses were close to each other, and I started rubbing his dick against my asshole. If you are trying to imagine it, yes it looks weird, but it felt fucking great. With that angle of a dick I'm sure he would be able to do a mutual penetration with a guy. Well we almost did it but just rubbing, not the penetration. Then I put my legs on his back, and added massaging him with them. He said that it was the first time he did it like that and it was crazy. He totally loved it. I also loved laying on his big muscular back, kissing his neck and driving my dick between his cheeks. That's one of my favourite things to do without the penetration. When he finally got on his back I could adore his all body. Kiss his beautiful face and lips. He was crazy with his tongue. Then the neck and ears, totally vulnerable and sensitive points. Then hard pecs and armpits. Amazing dark stiff nipples. I'm still getting a hard on just thinking about that. And I could at last swallow his huge dick nad play with the balls which were in a small tight ballsack which was tottaly cute. I loved that uncut dick, a little curved to the side and big enough to seed another Kelly Family with one shot lol. What I also like doing it getting the guy's dick wet, do the same with mine and rub them onto each other without foreskin. It's like dick french kissing and it's very hot Cheesy I handjobed both of them at once and played with it as we passionately kissed each other. Geez, how intense it was. I got the feeling that he really wanted to fuck me and I despite being a total top really wanted it! I wasn't sure or prepared, about taking a cock like that in me but I was sure I wanted to try at least. I didn't plan the sex with him but I took some of my sex accesories. I took one condom that said was a "LARGE" size. And guess what. I put it on him and it was too tight and too small. WHAT. I was really like wtf man you're really HUGE. So we put on lube and did it bareback. I wasn't really scared about the risk cause I loved him and didn't care much. I guess I really waned him inside cause despite it was painful it went in really fast. And now imagine you being the tight virgin asshole and a guy who is more bull than a human who fucks you with all his muscles and all his strength and his horse hung dick. Well it was a power to feel. As I didn't really enjoy being fucked I enjoyed the feeling and the thought of him being in me. And his eyes looking at me and just the idea of giving him the pleasure of his life. Well he was really turned on casue he's eyes were so magical as if they've seen a ghost or something. I told him "I want you to shoot deep inside me" and he began thrusted even quicker and stronger and moaned really loud and came in me. Fuck. The best feeling. You guys can tell he was selfish and stuff, he was yea, but he told him he's gonna repay. So the other night he really took care of me kissed me so much, made out with me, sucked my nipples, my dick, we did some great 69's. And I really wanted to fuck that bull and I was really close. I think I was in him with a cockhead for a second but he's not a bottom too and he said that maybe we can do it some other time, not today. I was like "yeah okay" but I turned him on his back with his legs up and his face staring at me. And I grabbed them legs, pushed my dick against the space between his leg and dick and fucked it while kissing him. That's another hot thing I love to do. Then I sat on top of him again and rubbed his dick against my asshole with some lube and he said it's almost as good as inside me. I cummed on his hairy stomach and I cum a loooooooooot, so there was no end to it Cheesy He said to leave it and we kissed I sucked a little and he cummed too. I ate it of his belly and kissed his beautiful cock Smiley And that was I guess the whole thing. But it was so intense, so great. We were/ or mostly I/ laughing all the time during the sex. I mean I was so happy. And I made a lot of silly jokes during that haha, about our sex and us, but it seemed to make him laugh and hard at the same time Tongue I don't think there's a better sex than with a guy whom you dreamed of and who gives you all of himself in what he does and who tells you all those nice compliments you never thought you'll hear. I've never thought sex can be such a deep emotional and spiritual experience. What was yours ? I'm really curious what drives you crazy and what made you think you'll never have a night like that again.


« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2016, 07:48:01 am »

I thought ' best sex act ' meant your best sex move.  So this is best sex experience?

I think it wrote it before in another thread.  Young guy in the gym, I fucked him in the steam room, which was quite risky.  Saw him outside when we left and he fucked me in his car in the parking lot.  Turns out hes getting married. 
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« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2016, 11:41:19 am »

Yeah I remember you writing that. Haha surprised about the marriage though : D

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