[tw: drugs] Do you guys smoke weed mixed with tobacco or pure?
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Author Topic: [tw: drugs] Do you guys smoke weed mixed with tobacco or pure?  (Read 1853 times)
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« on: December 03, 2016, 04:01:04 pm »

Apparently not the whole world smokes weed the same way, I found out about this quite recently and I was kinda shocked tbh.
I live in Europe and it's pretty much a practice here to smoke weed mixed with tobacco (usually hand rolling tobacco). I then realized people in the US and Canada usually don't mix it with tobacco at all; in fact it's considered weird to do so. In Europe it would be considered extremely rare and strange to smoke it pure. Different cultures I guess (also saving money: mixing with tobacco means less weed per joint aka weed lasts longer). Haven't tried to smoke it pure yet, but I know it has some differences from Euro-joints, mostly an altered taste (mixed joints are spicier(?)) and a different effect (mixed will hit you right away).

How about you guys? How do you prefer it? Cool

*Disclaimer: tbh I'm referring just to joints, that means no paraphernalia (bongs, hookahs, etc)


« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2016, 11:02:49 pm »

“Straight” bud for me…

Pop it in the grinder, a couple of quick pulses, and that bud becomes a nice, evenly blended product--ready and easy to twist.

Also, it doesn’t take much before there’s a nice layer of kief to clean from the grinder--which is ideal for my "Palm 1.0" vaporizer, or bowl.

All of the smokers I know also use just straight weed when rolling, but many of them do use a tobacco wrap--“Swishers” or other tobacco “blunt wraps” instead of "papers" when twisting.

My favorite method of indulging, aside from the “edibles” is a “twist.” However, these days I burn so often and constantly, that it’s so much easier to just “pack a bowl” instead of rolling one…hmm...I think I do remember hearing something about how smoking bud can result in symptoms of laziness or lethargy. Evil

Pretty much always at home, with my only commitment being league bowling Tuesday nights--I fire-up more than I ever did. (It’s a good thing I stopped having to pay for it a few years ago!) Cheesy



« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2016, 02:38:33 am »

I only smoke pot about 4-5 times a year, if that much. Basically, whenever someone hands it to me. Being such an infrequent user, I'm not much into getting completely raped by the aggressively potent shit some people smoke these days (which I attribute to people's growing over-indulgence, tolerance and dependence on pot, not the development of "better weed"). I don't like throwing up, sweating profusely and getting CEV's for hours from taking a few hits of marijuana, having such low tolerance to some of the ridiculous monster-weed that's out there these days.

Point is, I don't smoke enough for it to make a difference. Just a puff or three or four, or a couple of bong hits and I'm done, thanks. But I have very much enjoyed the occasional spliff (which, at least where I live, is tobacco and weed in a joint). Most people scoff at the very idea, and obnoxious hippie fuckwits usually whine about how "tobacco is poison, maaan, blah blah blah" (as if inhaling combusted plant matter of any kind is especially "natural" or "good for you"), but I enjoy it, because I get a nice mellow/non-aggressive marijuana high with a slight nicotine buzz to go along with it. It's the best thing I've found for social smoking. I can trip balls or get stoned as hell on my own and enjoy it, but getting high in public just sucks for me because of my anxiety. In social settings, a spliff allows me to achieve a mild, pleasant high, instead of getting completely freaked out.

I have a stoner friend in Germany who says he does not like to mix tobacco into his weed. Perhaps being a stoner has something to do with that. As for Americans, even casual smokers (not raging stoners) in the US tend to smoke only pure marijuana. It's cheap and easy to obtain. I think the average smoker in the US only "resorts" to spliffs in an effort to stretch out their herb. I still like them, though. People can scoff all they want. I'd rather be a lightweight than a shiftless burnout stoner who treats getting baked like a competition, to be honest. Grin


« Reply #3 on: December 04, 2016, 05:20:07 am »

A couple times yes. I take a cheap cigar and just half it. It's kinda nice.

But I'm an alien and weird in all shapes and forms, so what I do is very uncommon.

The truth is, people don't mix marijuana with tobacco in United States at all. Really people are starting to actually smoke and wrap marijuana period.

Here in America people usually vaporize marijuana with water which to me is dumb as hell to me.

I don't know if this counts to your observation, but usually people buy flavored cigarillos and empty the tobacco contents and store weed in it. Which to me is also stupid but who I am to judge.

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