Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, Legends crossover
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Author Topic: Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, Legends crossover  (Read 1794 times)
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« on: December 05, 2016, 07:01:06 am »

Just watched the three partner with friends.  Supergirl wasn't included cuz supposedly not needed .

Fun romp with Supergirl being the best parts.  The one who caught my eye was Mad Dog exercising and showing of his body.  Sexy, compact guy and looks like he could belong in porn, rawr.

Steel is super cute too but horrible costume.

Arrow was shirtless in his alt dream too.


« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2016, 01:29:21 pm »

You always have that problem with Kryptonians, they're too powerful. With Supergirl you don't need the legends etc. any more. Wink

I enjoyed it very much and I hope they'll do it again next year.


« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2016, 06:57:34 pm »

I loved it when nobody could take her down, haha.  Actually, Atom and Firestorm could have don't it for sure but they didn't.

They should find a way to include Constantine in there too.


« Reply #3 on: December 05, 2016, 09:32:44 pm »

Supergirl wasn't included cuz supposedly not needed.

Not at all.  The exact same scene, from start to finish, was re-played during the Flash.  The only thing you missed was a bunch of failed breeches that briefly appeared in front of Kara throughout the episode.   She didn't seem to give a shit that an extradimensional breech, filled with GOD KNOW WHAT kept trying to manifest.  I guess she really is just that powerful that she can brush off stuff like that.

The one who caught my eye was Mad Dog exercising and showing of his body.

His body caught me completely by surprise.  I didn't think he'd look anywhere NEAR that good shirtless.  Why is it that clothes can completely conceal a great, muscular body, ......but they show every goddamn bit of fat?!?!?!    ARRRRRGH!!!!!!

Steel is super cute too but horrible costume.

I disagree.  ANYTHING that covers that hair of his is a GOOD thing.  Besides, I'm getting really sick of superhero costumes getting "re-conceptualized".  I blame the X-Men movies for this bullshit.  Superhero costumes should be outlandish.  Go big or go home.  It's kind of like a drag queen spending hours making herself up and creating a fabulous persona, ........then dressing like an ultra-conservative librarian.

I leave you with the following questions:

1.  Ray said that he'd "quintupled" Nate's strength.  How does being five times stronger enable someone to stop a speeding train?
2.  Snart had to wear sunglasses to protect his eyes from the blinding muzzle-flash of the cold gun.  Why didn't Ray need sunglasses?
3.  If all Ray had to do was replicate the Atom suit, why was he such a whiny bitch about losing it in the first place?
4.  Why did the aliens give a shit about Barry messing with the timeline?  What did the aborted Flashpoint timeline do to the aliens, and how could it be any worse than what Eobard, the Legends, the Time Masters, Time Pirates, Jay Garrick, and Zoom do to time?
5.  Why haven't any of the people I've just mentioned encountered a Time Wraith?
6.  After Barry saved his mother, why did Eobard still have his powers?  According to Gideon, it was Eobard's time jump that drained his powers, so he should've been powerless while locked in Barry's makeshift jail cell.
7.  If Barry wouldn't save Dante, why didn't Cisco ask Jessie to do it?  Or, why not go into the multiverse, find a willing speedster, bring them back to Earth 1, and have THEM save Dante? (I also have to wonder: If Cisco can teleport and see into the past, why hasn't he tried to create a breech through time?  Why didn't he use his powers and brilliance to steal the Waverider???)

I love me my CW superhero shows, but I swear I could spend lifetimes finding all the continuity and logic flaws.


« Reply #4 on: December 07, 2016, 05:07:50 am »

I havent been following the shows but just saw the crossover so not sure about the other stuff you brought up.

4.  Dominators in the comics, as I recall, experimented with humans. They put about 10 or so in a high stress situation and about 75% percent developed powers.  Humans have a latent metagene something something and it frightens them as they might go into space and mess with their plans.  I guess Barry is just a performed major major future threat.

5.  Time Wraith?  I saw an ending where scary reaper looking dementors took away the hot evil Flash.  That's a time wraith?  They should be attacking the Legends then.

So many silly flaws (the pain chips, still needed Supergirl to hit the mind controller) but, eh, it's guys needing excuses to be silly, hehe

On Wild Dog (Mad Dog?), such a porn star, haha.  Was Steel shown shirtless too?  Ragman looks Asian.  Terrific looks kinda goofy, being awkwardly tall, haha

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