Gay one-liners
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Author Topic: Gay one-liners  (Read 841 times)
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« on: December 13, 2016, 04:22:43 pm »

Of course gay men dress well... They didn't spend all that time in the closet doing nothing.

Gay, Bi, Ugly, Fine, Rich, Poor, Skinny, Fat, Black, White, Purple, A FRIEND IS A FRIEND!

Vending machines are so homophobic. I'm sorry my dollar is not straight enough for you.

Thank you Stephanie Meyer for teaching young women they are only worth something when they're loved by a sparkling homosexual.

Gay Jokes aren't funny, cum on guys!

Butt seriously, cum on, gay jokes aren't funny.

Being gay is ok, being bisexual is ok, being straight is ok, what's not ok? Wearing crocs.

I was gonna make a gay joke, butt fuck it!

Growing up gay was difficult because other boys never wanted to "play house".
I guess they didn't like redecorating as much as I did.

Hey are you a solar system cause I wanna be in Uranus.

You're so Gay you wouldn't know a straight line if it hit you in the face.

Do gay midgets come out of the cabinet?

Apaprnlety hmoosxeulas aer brililnat at unscarbmnlig snetnecse.

There were 2 scottish men I met and one was called Ben Doon and the other was called Phil McCavity.
They never had to buy hemmoroid cream.

Gay guys are fucking assholes. Literally.

How many guys can participate in a gang bang before it's gay?

I heard homosexuality is illegal in the Middle East, punishment for being gay is to go to jail,
where you will be surrounded by loads of other men.

While having sex with men is fun, I primarily became gay to break my mother's heart.

Mike eat a snickers. You're gay when you're hungry.

Religion is far more of a choice than being gay will ever be.

I only say I'm gay when ugly girls and hot guys hit on me.

"Last christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day you said you were gay."

If a girl bangs 10 guys in a year, she's a slut. If a guy does it, he's gay, definitely gay.

I tried to be gay once. I sucked.

Religion is like homosexuality: I'm afraid to try it incase I like it.

I asked my girlfriend if we could try anal tonight, but she thought it would be too painful.
How can wearing a strap-on be painful?

 I like my women how I like my coffee ... I fucking hate coffee.

I finally told my parents they're gay.

Being gay is ok, being bisexual is ok, being straight is ok, what's not ok? Wearing crocs.

If you drive around in a Prius, don't be offended when a gay guy hits on you.

One day their was a man who hated aggressive women.
He always wanted to have sex with a gentle man.

If a gay man is murdered.. is it homocide?

If a man turns himself into a woman and a woman turns herself into a man and they both have sex would that be considered gay?

My dyslexic gay friend is so excited for February 14th. He thinks it's Vaseline Day!

Your so gay when someone asked you for a sperm donation you farted in a cup.

The only thing Count Chocula has in common with a regular vampire is that he's gay.

If gays aren't attracted to girls, then why are they attracted to men who behave like girls.

Even though I saw my mortal enemy in a gay porn scene online, I can never mention it, for obvious reasons.

Better to watching gay porn and be thought of as gay than to listen to Justin Bieber and remove all doubt.

Gay Or Not, if a girl walks past another girl with a fat A$$ she's going to turn around and look!



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Cheesy Gold

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