Democrats and the KKK
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Author Topic: Democrats and the KKK  (Read 3629 times)
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I cannot believe the pure ignorance and lack of education about history in this thread.
The KKK, as well as many other historical items, can not be associated with the two American political parties.

First of all Dems and Repubs have switched sides a couple of times over the centuries.
So instead of parties, you should think of ideologies.

For most of the republican parties existence, it was the home of progressives and socially active politicians. Its why Lincoln freed the slaves. It's how we got continental railway service and veteran affairs.
Democrats on the other hand, have just as much been the conservative party. For most of its existence, it was the party of the religious right and thats pretty much where it stayed till the civil rights movement of the 50 and 60's tore both parties apart. Southern conservative democrats, most of which were KKK , refused to abide by any civil rights laws. They accused the federal government of overstepping its authority. Then when they lost all those legal battles, they started doing really nasty things to black people at the state levels to make them unable to vote or even own property. So the federal government stepped in again and pissed a lot of politicians off. Republicans and democrats really didn't know how to handle the disintegration of the parties.
But after things started to cool down, conservatives went to the republican party, progressives went to the democratic party.

So the KKK was a religious group who sided with the democratic party till the 50's and early 60's. Then when democrats became the progressive party, republicans became home to conservatives and the KKK followed.

Parties aside, if it had not been for progressives? America would have fallen back into a monarchy roll a long time ago. Conservatives just do not like change. They fight every social change in American history by tooth and nail.   Civil rights of any kind, equall rights of any kind and gay rights. They just don't like change.
America likes to consider itself the home of the free. But if thats the case? Why has America always been one of the last countries to implement freedoms for people.
Some of you guys need to seriously quit getting your information from youtube and go read a real history book.

A history book? How about just going back to last year when the KKK announced that they supported Hillary and donated $20K to her campaign!? And the liberals were all shitting themselves over fake news that Trump took money from the KKK which was a complete fabrication! Like - OH Trump how dare you! When it was Hillary that took the money! And the KKK announced it! But NO coverage by CNN! Gosh dang! Get it straight!

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