Military OVERWHELMINGLY Supports Trump
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Author Topic: Military OVERWHELMINGLY Supports Trump  (Read 3403 times)
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« Reply #20 on: May 06, 2017, 01:50:29 am »

I'm a liberal and support our military. Then again, I just served 6 years in the army and just got out in order to go to school. In my branch, support for Trump is not as pronounced as is it with the usual" ground pounders". I had a Sgt or 2 that supported him in a company of over 200 people. Of course the branch with the highest GT requirements are less likely to support him, but we are in the minority. 62% of the military voted Trump or more accurately republican. The military see's a meal ticket and a call to action under republicans. We are trained to go to war and many enlisted for that purpose.

The military in garrison mode (i.e. peace time) is exceeding boring and filled with mundane and repetitive task just for the sake of doing something. Other days you are just training to go to war and fight. Republicans are more likely to produce that reality and give us money to do so. Go to war gives you combat badges, a combat tour on your belt which means promotion points, combat zone finance bonuses, your sitting in a country usually where you can't really spend much of the money so it just piles up nicely (unless you have a horrid wife at home spending it), etc. Legislation is also more likely to pass in favor of the military under a republican, however the democrats last year alone tried to pass over 16 legislations to help the military and veterans but republicans shot everyone of them down. They did it because the military "belongs" to them and they can't have them vying for their constituents. Doesn't really matter all that much when you look at the demographics where the military pulls from and our tactics. A lot of these guys are true republicans and come from the same families that just feed into the military for over generations. It's a culture within the family and a way of life. The military isn't voting republican because it helps the country as much as it helps us. The military is its own insulated culture with a different reality. It's not a fake or bad reality though. Just different.
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« Reply #21 on: May 06, 2017, 07:33:08 am »

While I was in the USMC, I was a liberal.   

Modern liberals made me hate liberals.

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