People try to make things black and white.. left and right
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Author Topic: People try to make things black and white.. left and right  (Read 440 times)
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« on: May 07, 2017, 07:31:52 pm »

The vast majority of people are idiots. 
Consider that the vast majority of people lack the brains to even access the internet in a productive way, download torrents, etc.

Even I am guilty of having a bias against the morons on the left.  There are morons on the right as well.  It's just a matter of there being far more morons attracted to the stinky pile of manure that is the left.. like flies drawn to shit. 

HOWEVER, when it comes to state, county, and city governments..   there is far more of a "fog" when it comes to who the morons are.  At lower levels of government, it's not a matter of "right and wrong" but of covering one's ass to advance one's own agenda.  One good example of this is law enforcement.   It doesn't matter what their politics are, they tend to be self serving, incompetent, greedy, and consider themselves above the law and exempt from obeying the law.  For example.. the city next to where I live has a population of roughly 250,000 people.  They have decided that the city needs a new police station.  This has nothing to do with a jail... just a police station.  They want $72,000,000   $72 MILLION for that new police station!  and they will probably get it!   I used to live in the New Orleans, Louisiana area.. they don't even HAVE  a police station!   They rent out unused space inside a shopping mall!    Believe me.. we have an ABUNDANCE of vacant office space and shopping malls around where I live.  Why can't the police use THAT?  Here's another statistic pertaining to the county I live in.   The daily cost to feed inmates in the county prison is $1.54 per DAY!  So, while these government employees are pissing money away on themselves like it is nothing.. they are feeding their inmates nothing but rice, beans, and pureed animal by-products. 
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