Criminal Trump "Completely fucked"
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Author Topic: Criminal Trump "Completely fucked"  (Read 451 times)
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« on: May 17, 2017, 07:21:44 pm »

Headline: ‘Completely f*cked’: Trump’s White House staff admits the Comey memo is the beginning of the end

Despite the "useful idiots" and mindless bots trying to convince people that the trumpery US president is not a petulant six-year old sociopath with no self-control, he is ever more crazed, yelling, screaming, blaming everyone and anyone for his own auto-da-fe.

“I don’t see how Trump isn’t completely f*cked,” said one senior official to The Daily Beast on Tuesday, referring to Comey’s announcement that he has kept notes of his conversations with Pres. Trump regarding requests Trump made asking Comey to back off on the investigation of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.


“The obstruction of justice articles of impeachment counts are stacking up, it seems,” said one FBI agent to the Daily Beast. The agent said that firing Director Comey was a “big gamble” on Trump’s part. “You’ve got to kill him, metaphorically. You can’t just wound him.”

The White House is reportedly in an anarchic state of crisis, with Trump sulking in the residence — becoming “increasingly isolated and agitated” and turning on some of his closest advisers — while his staff struggle to contain the damage, all the while living in dread of what their boss may say next on Twitter.

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The Daily Beast spoke with nine current and former Trump administration and law enforcement officials for the story, which paints a funereal picture of life in the beleaguered White House.

“I feel like running down the hallway with a fire extinguisher,” said one White House adviser who asked not to be named.

The week began badly enough with the administration being forced to admit that Trump gave away classified intel during his Oval Office visit with Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the U.S. — and reputed Kremlin spy-master — Sergey Kislyak.

Monday night, even before news of the Comey memo broke, a Trump staffer told Daily Beast reporters, “Every time I feel like we’re getting a handle on the last Russia fiasco, a new one pops.”

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The next day, after the Comey news, the official revised their previous statement to say, “We can’t even wrap up one Russia fiasco before we’re on to the next one.”

Another White House staffer who worked on the Trump 2016 campaign said, “I don’t see how Trump isn’t completely fucked.”

National security attorney Brad Moss told the Beast that Trump has stepped far over the line, in spite of what his defenders say.


For those who do not know, James Comey, fired FBI head, was a Republican who worked for Bush Minor. There is an amazing story from those days in which he raced across Washington, D.C. in the middle of the night to stop an attempt to keep the Attorney General at the time, John Ashcroft, safe on his hospital bed from a desperate attempt to seize power, a dramatic story well worth taking time to enjoy to find out just how much admired Jim Comey is. Which is why Obama, of the Democratic Party, kept him on.

What you may not know is that Comey has a long history of writing detailed memos immediately after any encounter with Trump or others who might in person or online or by telephone say or do anything related to the manymany ongoing investigations of Trump filth, which goes far beyond using the Oval Office as a profit center to, apparently, such obscenities as releasing life-and-death secrets that literally can get people killed, and doing so while taking a meeting in the Oval Office at the request of Vlad Putin.

There is, in short, a "paper trail" documenting every like and finagle this delusional POTUS has tried to pull on ole Comey. And Jimbo is pissed that Trump fired him with a knife in the back while Comey was 3000 miles away from his office, had no warning, and then attempted to smear him with fake excuses.

Only someone really, really stupid would attempt such a bone-headed stunt as to declare war on the FBI. The FBI has been around a while, you know? They helped bring down Nixon. Some people think this NYT memo leak is only the beginning of the evidence to be revealed. That is totally apart from Senate and House committees investigating, the financial fraud investigations by the Treasury Department, NY city and state investigations, grand jury investigations... all speeded up as a result of this ham-fisted, knuckleheaded failed defenestration.

Geoffrey Chaucer said, back near the dawn of the English language itself, "Murder will out." They tried yesterday to revive a Hillary-the-murderer story instead of news breaking all around with the sound of thunderclaps of nearly divine fury at the sabotage of the "city on a hill" that is supposed to have the approval and guidance "through the night with a light from above" by the one true god.

These are the people who swore Hillary was running a pedophile ring out of a local pizza parlor. Even Alex Jones, the radio conspiracy jackass who claims all the schoolchildren murdered by a deranged shooter in a typical incident of educational progress in the greatest and bestest country on Earth were in fact hired actors who are all part of a plot to take our sacred guns away, eventually had to apologize for spreading that manure-- after some credulous trumpkin took a freedom rifle to the pizza place and fired it off. And then Jones lost custody of his children for being a freak, but that's another matter.

So Comey has a known history of documenting official stuff, such as the private meeting he just had with Trumpythinskin after the president specifically kicked lying co-conspirator Mike Pence (the utterly tainted Vice President, worst since Nixon's VP was fired for having his hand caught in the till stealing from citizens of the state he came from) out of the room and TWICE demanded Comey's boss, Jefferson Selfregard Sessions (aka "Mr. Charlie") leave them inappropriately alone for a totally inappropriate private meeting.

My guess is that the one memo will be published far and wide. And all the others will be brought to light, though at least some that were circulated at the time of the incidents Comey faithfully recorded are classified. And then even those who have sold their shriveled souls to get tax cuts for billionaires and destroy health care for their own citizens in their own districts will have no options except to pretend to be patriots living up to their oath to faithfully protect and defend not a man, not a party, not even a country, but the Constitution of the United States of America.

Friday, this misadministration is heading out of town for a state visit to Israel, just betrayed by putting their human spies at risk of death, and Saudi Arabia, where the fool is supposed to teach them all about Islam, and on to Europe, where everyone is busy trying to arrange things so that the illiterate with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) can get through another episode of Short Attention Span Theater without pissing in the soup.

The old saying is that where there is smoke, there is fire. These latest revelations are not more and darker smoke-- they ARE the fire.

No administration in history has ever had so many people so completely entangled with any foreign power, not even Jefferson's-- and he Lived in Paris, as did Ben Franklin. The list of people who have had secret conversations with a top Russian spy now includes Flynn, Attorney General Sessions (who has supposedly recused himself after lying about the meetings but apparently has now un-recused himself without notice), son-in-law Kushner who has boasted that Trump Co gets all the money it needs from Russians, and of course the mobbed up real estate grifter now doing his best to take down the entire planet in his childish rage, who met with the same saboteur in the Oval Office with US press banned, because Putin asked for that meeting.

Der Drumpenfuehrer has campaigned against Reality, but Reality bites. Like gravity, it does not care whether you believe in it or call it fake news. And this White House is in complete chaos mode with Nothing anyone says in defense of the bully baby having any credibility whatsoever. None. And that lack of credibility started on Day One with the preposterous tantrums over crowd size at his shunned inauguration. They cannot fill any positions in their administration because no one wants to work for the SOB and he insists on picking every toady himself. His lies are instantly exposed by damn' near Everybody who can reach a keyboard or telephone. FBI does not trust Comey? Au contraire! They all love him and are completely demoralized that Il Douche is shattering agency morale and are quick to spread the word.

Now watch to see who tries to change the subject.
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