Using the "gay" label when it's convenient.
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Author Topic: Using the "gay" label when it's convenient.  (Read 383 times)
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« on: June 13, 2017, 07:00:08 am »

When I was in college, one sure way to get out of the military / ROTC was to say you are "gay".  This was done more than people shooting themselves in the legs and feet or threatening suicide to get out of their commitment. 
I know of many cases where the person was completely straight, but just used the "gay" label to get a ticket out. 
This is not unlike "Klinger" in M*A*S*H who would dress in drag hoping to get a "section 8" discharge. 

It's sad that no matter what rule or law is made, that someone ALWAYS finds a way to abuse it and use it to their own fraudulent advantage. 

It's a shame that many things that would be good are tightly regulated to avoid abuses.  For instance, with medications.. there are a lot of very effective medications that do many wonderful things.. that you can't get, because a few idiots abused them, resulting in fatalities.  A few examples:
  Fen-Phen was a popular weight-loss drug combination, which contained fenfluramine (which was marketed as Pondimin) and phentermine. Side effects of Fen Phen have been shown to increase the risk of serious and potentially life-threatening injuries, such as pulmonary hypertension and heart valve problems.   Some people grossly overdosed on Fen-Phen hoping to lose more weight, faster.. and wound up having fatal heart attacks
 Oxycodone has it's uses.. and misuses.  Rush Limbaugh was famous for illegally obtaining huge quantities of the stuff that had the side-effect of making him nearly DEAF!  He had to have major surgery to restore some hearing.
 Various cocaine derivatives - if you have ever had PRK which is the same as LASIK only without a flap, you know that the post operative pain lasts for WEEKS and is crippling.  LASIK has no post operative pain.  Anyway.. there is a cocaine derivative called Tetracaine that is an eyedrop that eliminates the pain.. but getting any from your doctor is damned near impossible because it is SO good that everybody would be abusing it.  I happen to know that some doctors get a supply of that stuff.. and keep most of it for THEMSELVES. 
 Provigil/Nuvigil - this stuff keeps you awake and alert with no significant side effects (other than to your wallet), and is safer than caffeine.  However, it is extremely controlled, because it was getting abused by people, including college students, who would take it to improve their scores on exams.  It is considered a "Smart Pill".   Imagine if such a pill was prescribed to moonbats!  They would all turn into republicans!   Therefore, it is almost impossible to get. 

Ironically, some things which SHOULD be controlled such as minoxidil and Viagra, etc.  which were manufactured for heart related issues are freely available even though technically they are controlled substances.. because nobody is going to restrict someone's right to have hair on their head and a boner.


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Applies to the US;

During draft times,  it was acceptable to for the military to draft known/admitted gays.    Once the conflict was over or they were let go for medical reasons, they then used their homosexuality against them and gave them a Bad Conduct Discharge.    No matter how honourable their service was, they get a BCD simply for being gay. 

Under Clinton's Don't Ask, Don't Tell,  discharges for being gay skyrocketed.    During this period, people were given Other than Honorable, under Honorable Conditions discharges.    The reason for dischares for being gay skyrocketed, was that while technically the military was not allowed to go on witch hunts, anyone could claim you told them you were gay and that was proof enough for a discharge.   Being gay was still considered not honourable, so your word was worthless than a hetero soldier's word. 

Any gay type sex was enough to get you thrown out.   So "bro-jobs" and the like would have gotten you thrown out. 

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