Who's to blame? Trump or Obama?
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Author Topic: Who's to blame? Trump or Obama?  (Read 478 times)
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« on: June 13, 2017, 08:40:53 am »

AFTER the election, Obama hit Russia with sanctions to punish them, and subsequently put the blame on Russia for the election loss.  
Keep in mind.. this was AFTER the election.  Why didn't Osama institute these sanctions BEFORE the election?  It's because, they were based on CRAP.  Furthermore, after an election, there is a 10 week period in which the new president (Trump) is the president-elect, and given time to get things organized before officially taking office.  Obama had NO BUSINESS doing anything so overt as instituting sanctions upon Russia during this post election period.  
And of course.. when Trump removed the sanctions.. he got blamed by the moonbats for doing it.  In fact, just about all the brouhaha over what Jared Kushner did with the Russians was AFTER the election, when Jared assured the Russian ambassador that the sanctions would be removed.  Nothing wrong with that.  
And yet.. you can bet your balls that next week, Herr Mueller and his newly hired Nazi interrogators will stand on their heads trying to smear and damage the presidency of Donald Trump with this bullshit.   I wonder if Mueller is foolish enough to permanently stain his reputation by attacking Trump and kissing the ass of his buddy Comey.  
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It's traditional for the out going President not to interfere with major foreign or domestic policy during the transition.    Of course, emergencies are the exception but it's almost always with the agreement with the in coming President.

Clearly, Obama violated this tradition.   

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