So much for separation of Church and State.... so long for SANITY!
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Author Topic: So much for separation of Church and State.... so long for SANITY!  (Read 970 times)
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« on: August 17, 2017, 05:24:05 am »


In Chicago, ILLINOIS Bishop Jimbo Dukes demands that statues of George Washington be removed because George owned slaves.

They want to also remove the NAMES of President George Washington and President Andrew Jackson
and replace them with names of black heroes such as Jesse Jackson.. and hold your breath.. take your heart medication.. don't say I didn't warn you... MICHAEL JACKSON!  HOLY FUCK!

In New Orleans, LOUISIANA they are about to remove all Confederate monuments.

In WASHINGTON D.C. they say that the Jefferson Memorial might have to go because he owned slaves.
There are also demands to remove the statue of Theodore Roosevelt in NEW YORK because he was racist.
41 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were slave holders - including the man the wrote it - President James Madison - who was a major slave holder.   That's 89% of the founding fathers!

In Dallas, TEXAS - Reverend Michael Waters wants all Confederate Statues removed.

In Lexington, KENTUCKY - deadly riots are expected after removing 4 confederate statues.

In Durham, NORTH CAROLINA,  a mob of people vandalized and toppled a Confederate statue

In Charlottesville VIRGINIA, after a statue of Robert E. Lee was removed, a riot broke out.  The car of a white nationalist (who happens to hate Trump) was attacked, leading to that guy panicking and killing a white woman.

In Tampa, FLORIDA a riot is about to break out over the planned removal of a confederate statue on private property which has already been vandalized.

In Gaineseville, FLORIDA a mob destroyed the foundation of a confederate statue with jackhammers

In Baltimore, MARYLAND the mayor ordered several confederate statues to be removed overnight

Lincoln routinely referred to black people as "niggers" when he was a practicing lawyer.  Lincolns entire family was quite racist.  Lincoln was known to enjoy and tell "nigger" and "coon" jokes.  (He didn't mind using them as cannon fodder in the Civil War though).

I won't even bother to give any references to that extremely racist Lyndon Baines Johnson.  

Jefferson as well as George Washington were major slave owners... and Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln were racists.. so I guess that means goodbye Mount Rushmore!

Just hours ago, Tucker Carlson had on "Reverend" Jacques Degraff who wants all Confederate monuments... and after that, he wants to move on and take care of Washington DC.   He doesn't think we should honor people like Presidents George Washington, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson.

So, let's see.. in just this message, we have found that the following are in a state of insanity:   Florida, Illinois, Washington DC, North Carolina, Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas, Maryland, New York, and Virginia.    Add to that California.. because we already know they are nuts.

Just wait.. one day they will replace the Lincoln Monument with a statue of Michael Jackson holding Emmanuel Lewis his arms with his his pants half off. 
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« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2017, 06:23:25 am »

Add ARIZONA to that list...

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« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2017, 08:30:30 am »

Some black professor is demanding that a statue of Teddy Roosevelt be removed. 


« Reply #3 on: August 18, 2017, 09:02:26 am »

Well, all I can say is WE NEED TO BLOW UP THE PYRAMIDS!!! Because they were built by slaves. So let's do that too...


« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2017, 09:58:36 am »

Well, all I can say is WE NEED TO BLOW UP THE PYRAMIDS!!! Because they were built by slaves. So let's do that too...

Yeee doggie!   We gonna blow 'em up reeeeel goood!

It's not like the pyramids have not already been completely raided and vandalized already.  The mummies entombed in them have been removed and put on display like carnival freaks.  The famous Sphinx is missing it's nose because it was shot off with machine guns. 
I'm sure like me, RaphJD has been to the British Museum in London.  It is incredible how much of the history of the mideast is contained in that museum (and most of it is stored in vaults that the public doesn't see).  The reason it is there is.. that's the only place it is safe!  The people in those lands to this DAY desecrate and steal everything historical they can get their hands on, make fake replicas, and sell them to anybody willing to pay for them. 

Remember during the wars with Iraq.. the ancient artifacts - especially vases - were looted and carted off in pickup trucks? 
The same thing happened in Egypt not that many years ago when they had a political uprising.  (A political uprising when one of our best allies - Egypt - became a virtual enemy because of.. wait for it.. drumroll... you guessed it.. Sheik Obama!   Ditto for Libya. 

There are a load of War Museums in England.  Imagine if they removed all the items connected to their enemies and of their own sordid past.   Can you imagine England white-washing history by erasing all signs of torture, imprisonment, and things like the wives of Henry VIII? 

Let's see if anybody can name one country led by a man who had an intense appreciation of art.. that literally STOLE precious art collections - not to sell or destroy - but to store in deep caves to protect them from being destroyed or looted.  This famous man drew up the sketches for the worlds largest museum complex, and had a model built of it - but it was never built.  This same guy was trying to bring back animals from the brink of extinction.. and when they did go extinct, tried to develop similar hybrids to simulate those ancient animals.  He was also a vegetarian who didn't drink, nor smoke, and strongly discouraged anybody else from doing so. 

The more you know, the more you have to ask yourself who the real monsters of the world are. 


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« Reply #5 on: August 18, 2017, 10:08:07 am »

The idea that we need to dismantle statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln, etc, is totally ridiculous. The African American slaves were sold by Africans - black people were slave owners and slave drivers too. The idea that white's dominating slaves is ludicrous. Yes there were horrible people like Leonardo DiCaprio played, but seriously? Whites were slaves too. We can't destroy the past. We can only deal with it and move on. Erasing history isn't going to happen. They got rid of Robert E Lee's statue, but it only made us all more aware of it. It only made his statue stand in our minds as remembrance even more. I'm not pro-slavery or racist, I've been in relationships with every race there is, but this is just plain a waste of time and energy.

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