Mega find which will be VERY important.
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Author Topic: Mega find which will be VERY important.  (Read 215 times)
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« on: August 23, 2017, 11:21:09 am »

I am sort of an investigator that things tha attract my attention.  That 5 year old case is the perfect example of that.. and it's origins go back 17 years.  Quite a bit of the many people involved are documented online
The problem there is.. online accounts often vanish from the public internet that you see when you go poking around on Google, etc. 
There are many sites on the internet which are "portals" to historical content that used to be on the public internet, but is now gone.  I don't quite understand it myself, but one guess I have is that when certain public accounts are "removed" they are not really removed, but placed in hidden archives which are not visible to the public. 

QUITE OFTEN, something happens which forces me to alter the way I do things, and that results in finding new things that are very valuable. 
A couple of days ago, I had the 8TB hard drive I use for backing things up CRASH.  I have software which can recover files off of a crashed drive which is completely inaccessible without having special software which is made in East Europe.  It takes several days to recover the files, and still hasn't completed.
Because of that, my favorite Windows computer is tied up doing that recovery.. forcing me to use my combination laptop/tablet which has the Android operating system (which has a new version coming out this week).   I am not a big fan of the Android operating system, but it never crashes, and produces different results than searches done with Windows.

About an hour ago, I began searching for something related to that Charlottesville fiasco.  While doing a search for the guy who drove his car into that crowd...I found an archive site that I never saw nor heard of before when using Windows based software searches.  Just for funzies.. I entered the name of the guy accused in that 5 year old case that goes back 17 years.  I got a DELUGE of new informatiion!  It's quite interesting too.  I just started looking it over and barely scratched the surface, but the first thing I found was the archived Myspace account of the guy I have been researching for 5 years.  His Myspace account was removed by the police after the 5 year old crime - and I never saw it.. until NOW.  It is a very interesting archived Myspace page from 2009.   The man is so nice.. a 100% contrast to what the media portray him as being.   His main influences are Jesus Christ and Madonna.. and his goal in life is to help people!     Keep in mind that this Myspace page was slightly over 2  years before this crime.  In fact, it is completely consistent with everything else I have found out about that case.   Basically, since 2000, several people became extremely jealous and envious of this man.  They tried absolutely everything to embarrass this man and ruin his life, but nothing worked!  His enemies - similar to moonbats - are malcontents who are miserable, and can't stand that someone else is successful and happy.  Moonbats tend to love war, are stimulated by hate, are never content with the status quo, and can't stand to see anybody having success and happiness.  The same applies to this man's enemies.  His enemies are people who envied him, but then came to envy him in a "Fatal Attraction" sort of way.  It drove them completely insane that he continued to be happy and successful, while they suffered in their own misery.  One of his enemies attempted suicide about 9 months ago.   The murderer committed suicide about 5 years ago.  Meanwhile the guy falsely convicted of the crime is VERY happy, likes the food in the prison, and even got married while in prison! 

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