Example of a looney moonbat
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Author Topic: Example of a looney moonbat  (Read 179 times)
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« on: September 01, 2017, 02:53:50 pm »

There was a moonbat contributor on Fox News today reflecting the absurd opinions of quite a few moonbats.
He was saying that the economic and job growth after Trump won the election is due to the policies of Obama. 
What bullshit.   Sheik Obama occupied the White House for EIGHT YEARS and during that time jobs went to hell and the economy grew at it's slowest rate ever - at 3%.. not to mention doubling the national debt to $20 trillion.. accumulating more debt that all 43 presidents that preceeded him including the debts incurred by the revolutionary war, spanish american war, civil war, korean war, cold war, vietnam war, Gulf War 1, Gulf War 2, WW1, Grenada, Somalia, WW2, the great depression, and the disaster at the end of Dubba Bush's presidency.  Things were is such poor shape at the end of Bush Jr's presidency that virtually ANYBODY would have had a better recovery than Sheik Obama.  What goes way up is certain to come down, and what goes way down is certain to rise up.  I don't think Obama could have done a worse job burying the USA if he tried.   Oh wait, what am I saying?  He WAS TRYING to bury the USA!  "Hey guys.. the economy is going to shit.. and the debt is doubling... and social security is going bankrupt.. what else can I do to fuck the country?   I know!   Force everybody to have useless, overpriced healthcare that almost nobody can afford nor want!  YES WE CAN!"   

Watch this video.. and answer me... just what is it that Obama did?   He certainly had some plan in mind with "Yes We Can".


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