Enough Division. A Truce is in the Air
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Author Topic: Enough Division. A Truce is in the Air  (Read 307 times)
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« on: September 05, 2017, 03:53:02 am »

As a gay family, we cannot continue on with this division. We are brothers and sisters, but the problems need to come to a halt.

Conservatives and moderates like me believe that the DNC as well as the RNC are both totally corrupt and in collusion - the idea that they are enemies is an act. I personally don't support the Republican Party. The problem is mankind's nature. We understand the plight for equality, and calling us Neo-Nazis is absurd. The equality issue is as much belonging to you as it is to us. I grew up as a gay kid in America to! Just like you! I understand how horrible conservatives can be. I emailed Trump a few months ago telling him that he should be the bigger person and apologize to Rosie. I do not LIKE a lot of the things he has done or said, but people can change, and he has, but I stand with him, because I believe he is inherently good and is up against the worst mankind has to offer. We cannot seriously consider that Washington is full of Saints just because Obama was black. They have been involved in corruption for decades.

We have at this point in time, made our point. We have proven to be correct over and over again. This is not an agenda to destroy the Democrats. They have destroyed themselves as much as the Republicans. Do you not remember when Trump called out RINOs like Reince, Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham, and Geb!? He destroyed the Republican Party. THAT is why I voted for him. He literally dismantled the Republican Party. That feat was incredible, but the time was over-due. Please stop with the racist slurs, because we have demonstrated why that is inaccurate time and time again. In return, we will respect your opinion, but personal attacks, like calling us Nazis and KKK supporters is totally ludicrous. We need to resolve our issues, and the way the left has been acting is very childish. If you don't wish to resolve them, then you have no ability to admit that you are wrong about anything, even when it has been proven over and over. It is time to accept reality. Trump did not collude with Russia, there was no pee-gate, he's not racist. Anything purporting such nonsense will be slapped in the face as it should be.

With love,



« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2017, 07:11:52 am »

If you don't take our hand and follow us you are going to be destroyed. The choice is simple. We can do that. We are the way. It is over. Me and Fred, and Raph don't agree on everything, but you have a final chance to come out of the deep watery abyss. You may say that's ridiculous now, but I think you know where all this is heading by now... And it is looking very dim for your future. We are well-aware of the criminal behavior taking place. You are doing nothing about it and pointing fingers at falsehoods. It is time for you to put up or shut up. "Too many chiefs, not enough Indians." We are going to be totally victorious, you will see. The time to invest in our philosophy is now. We are literally going to obliterate you if you do not accept our hand. That may sound fascist, but it is simply one way or the other. The hand works two ways. The line has been drawn. We will not stand for corruption or complacency. You thought the Trump Presidency was a mere catastrophic joke? No. It became reality. You need to learn how to accept reality and think with logic and reason. Not madness. It became reality because We the People said so. Plain and simple.
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