How's this healthcare idea?
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Author Topic: How's this healthcare idea?  (Read 361 times)
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« on: September 06, 2017, 06:47:08 pm »

Where are the flaws in this plan?

End government mandated insurance completely.   If someone wants to purchase insurance.. that's their business. 

Of course basic healthcare is necessary.  For instance, even if a person is homeless.. if they break their leg, they need to have it set and have a cast put on.   If some bitch is using her vag as a slot machine and get's knocked up, she is going to need some prenatal help, the delivery taken care of, and vaccinations for the little bastard.  If some person has a heart attack in public, they need paramedics to jump start their heart and perhaps get some blood pressure medication.   If some stoner / drug addict has an overdose, they need some sort of assistance.  If a kid's appendix bursts, they need to have surgery. 

Anyway.. my hypothetical plan is.. that everyone should be entitled to basic, necessary healthcare to stay alive and repair anything that has to be repaired to function.   This type of healthcare would eliminate the necessity for insurance.  This type of healthcare would bypass medical billing, and also would not be subject to lawsuits.   Medical billing currently accounts for 30% of healthcare costs. 
In addition to that.. the government should regulate the healthcare industry. 
Here are some ways that it should be regulated:
>the cost to manufacture medications per dose should be printed on every bottle of medication.  This cost should ONLY reflect the cost of manufacturing the medication, and NOT include the cost of research and marketing which is so slippery that the actual cost is meaningless. 
>the cost of the room and the food for a day in the hospital should be specified. 
>the estimated time spent by nurses, doctors, assistants should be listed, along with their rate of pay for that time
>the cost of billing should be given
This is called ACCOUNTING
Any miscellaneous charges should not exceed 10% of the charges that WERE accounted for.   (So if the legitimate charges were $1000, the maximum additional miscellaneous charges for unspecified things would be $100)

On another level.. medical equipment manufacturers should be required to reveal their production costs, and be forced to engage in competition with bids.   If there  is a lack of competition because there are only 1 or 2 manufacturers for some type of equipment, their "factories"  must consent to being inspected to see that they are efficient and not over billing. 

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