Liberals are the REAL Racists. Mexicans are NOT above the law.
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Author Topic: Liberals are the REAL Racists. Mexicans are NOT above the law.  (Read 521 times)
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« on: September 13, 2017, 10:57:58 am »

You want to create a private class of citizen above the laws that we all have to follow. You want them to be able to jump over the border without showing ID so we can check whether or not they are criminals. The ones that cross over legally and show ID are just fine by us. When Hillary and Obama campaigned about immigration saying the SAME DAMN THING Trump did, it wasn't racist. It is SO shameful, and SO despicable and disgusting. YOU have tried to perpetuate the stereotype that they are all poor and helpless, while some of you vacation in Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. It is absolute hypocrisy and totally shameful. Trump NEVER said that ALL Mexicans are rapists and murderers. That line of garbage is what you've been pressing for two years, and it's lead to more than your downfall. The idea that Trump is racist for calling for EQUALITY under the law, that everyone has to follow the same laws, while you want to promote border jumping and law-breaking and putting these people above the law DEFIES the laws of common sense. You better get it right real quick. We are NOT going to tolerate this absolute nonsense for one second longer. All the liberals have shut up now, and rightly so. You KNOW that you are DEAD-WRONG. We are going to continue with this ASS-KICKING until you are obliterated. You have no excuse for your pure insanity. It's not going to fly, period. Got it? Good. I'll take your silence as acquiescence.
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« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2017, 08:08:24 am »

"it's not racist when a democrat says it"
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