Censorship in the USA? It's here!
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Author Topic: Censorship in the USA? It's here!  (Read 349 times)
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« on: October 15, 2017, 06:14:56 pm »

As was brutally demonstrated in Germany in WW2, if you can control what information the people have, you control THEM.  Just ask Josef Goebbels.

China is currently controlling what their people hear - again - which is quite disturbing. 

But.. what is far more horrifying than that is censorship in the USA. 
Let me just start with the nonsense of the NFL players kneeling and Trump objecting to that.  THAT is not censorship.  Nobody is attempting to stop those players from saying or doing whatever they want OFF THE FIELD.  Those players are just demonstrating that they can do whatever they want.. which is ironic, because in a football game, it is quite the opposite where all the players have to act not as individuals - but as a team that follows an extremely rehearsed and coordinated sequence of actions / plays. 

The Internet in the USA is highly censored.  The worst offenders are Youtube and Facebook - which selectively choose who to silence, and who to allow to disseminate and propagate not opinions, but outright LIES.  They also indulge heavily in the lies of omission by silencing the truth!   Really, what business does Facebook have to silence anybody?  What's next?  Yahoo and Gmail are going to start deleting email accounts of people they don't like?    One can choose to block whoever they want to in email - but they can also do that with Facebook, so why do we need Facebook to block whom THEY choose to block?  Also on Facebook, there are settings to allow only those who SUBSCRIBE to one's page to view the messages on that page.  I have such a page which had over 500 members, and still has 400 members, but MY access to my OWN PAGE has been cut off!  That is not only absurd, that is criminal on the part of Facebook.  There are those that say "The TOS says.."   well.. the TOS can say whatever they want, as long as what they say is legal.  Once they say something illegal in their TOS, the entire TOS becomes invalid.  One example of that.  Facebook has demanded that I give them my full Social Security Number to re-gain access to my account.  That  is ILLEGAL!   Only government agencies and financial institutions have the right to ask for your full social security number as a form of identification.

It is DANGEROUS to give out personal information that people have no business having.  There are companies that get your information (Facebook) and sell that information to anybody who wants to pay for it - without your permission.  I used to work for a software company that did exactly that as a sideline to make more money.   Just YESTERDAY, someone managed to charge my paypal account for $18.53.   The offender is "Skype Communications SARL" and is a well-known scam.  I don't even use Skype.   

I got this email reply from Paypal when I disputed the charge:

Hello ******,
Thanks for contacting us regarding the following PayPal claim.
Dispute Case ID: PP-D-5******
Transaction Amount: $18.53 USD
Dispute Amount: $18.53 USD
Transaction ID: *****
Transaction Date: October 14, 2017
We Have Issued You a Provisional Credit
We have issued you a provisional credit in the amount of $18.53 USD. This credit should appear in your PayPal balance or your original method of payment within 24 to 48 hours. Please keep in mind that this credit could be debited if your claim is later denied.

Want to Cancel or View Your Claim Status?
If you would like to view the status of this claim or cancel it, you can do so by visiting the Resolution Center:
Log in to your PayPal account.
Select Resolution Center from the Help menu at the top of the page.
Click the Case ID under Resolution Center cases.
Click Cancel Case under Case actions you can take. 

The reason Facebook disables accounts, etc. is so that they can FORCE you to give them information such as your real name, address, cell phone numbers, social security numbers, associate names, etc.  You don't think they sell that information?   Then how do you account for the fact that Facebook now brings in $18 billion per year.. without selling anything other than your information to advertisers?   Ever notice that whenever you purchase or even LOOK at something online, you start getting deluged with ads related to that product?  That is because Facebook is allowed to not only collect your "cookies" but store them!  Facebook is one of only a tiny number of companies that are permitted to do that.    In fact.. they even ADMIT IT.. buried in their policies that 99.999% of people never see. 

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