USA is screwy when it comes to abortion..
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Author Topic: USA is screwy when it comes to abortion..  (Read 217 times)
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« on: October 19, 2017, 11:53:15 pm »

There are 196 coutries in the world.  Of those, only 5 allow abortions up until the day of delivery.

North Korea
Canada  (90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the USA border.. and the Canadians seeking abortions generally are referred to clinics in the USA to get their abortions - meaning that if the USA didn't have abortions up until the day of delivery, neither would Canada).

There is something wrong when the USA is in the same category as China, Vietnam, and North Korea.
By the way.. as of 2014, there are five communist countries: China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam and Laos. 

So, to boil this all down.. In the entire world of 196 countries, there are 5 communist countries - 3 of which perform abortions up until the day of delivery - in addition to the USA!    That is DISGUSTING!

In fact, these abortions up until the day of delivery are so awful that it is RARE to find a doctor in the USA who performs such abortions.  That is why damn near every doctor who performs abortions (usually a gynecologist or obstetrician) is an immigrant from India!  "Dr. Patel!  It's time to murder another baby!  Get your pruning shears, skull crusher, and vacuum ready!" 

One interesting thing about the distinction between abortion and murder.  To distinguish it from murder, the baby has to be DEAD before it is removed from the mother.  They are not allowed to kill a baby once it is out of the mother.  To get around this, they reach in with very long scissors which are bent at the end.. reach in.. and snip the baby's spinal cord at the base of the skull!  Then, they typically suck the brain out so they can easily crush the skull and get it out of mommy without leaving a scar on her vag.   Disgusting isn't it?  And yet.. all of you that voted for Hillary voted for that.  It was brought up in presidential debate #3 where Hillary doubled down on it, while Trump said how horrible it was, and that he could not even describe how horrible it is on TV, but advised people to google it. 

My dad's 2nd wife desperately wanted a baby girl.. got pregnant.. found out it was a boy.. so she had an abortion!   Luckily she was never able to get pregnant again.  She adopted 5 kids - whose lives she ruined - 4 of them were taken away by the state.  She abused potentially hundreds of 4 year olds over a 10 year span when working for a private Baptist day care center.  She would tie the toddlers up, stuff them in closets, and force them to pee in their own clothing for "sassing" her.  Thankfully, Satan needed her services, and she was called back to hell 8 years ago (which is ironic, because she is interred IN the church she abused those kids at!  even more bizarre, the pastor that performed her funeral service died just 3 months later and is interred next to her!) 

One last comment.. the current "pope" (and hopefully the last pope) is the first pope to offer forgiveness for the sin of abortion. 

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