Hollywood is imploding...
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Author Topic: Hollywood is imploding...  (Read 246 times)
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« on: November 10, 2017, 05:32:06 am »

I used to live with a master drama queen / martyr.  He would deflect all his faults, and at the same time manipulate people into getting what he wanted by creating an elaborate false reality of drama where he was the victim that needed to be placated.  Years after I parted ways with him, he managed to move in with his boyfriend's family.  His boyfriend's mother had recently married a rich man who also had some kids.  It's complicated, but one of the key moments in that arrangement was when the rich guy's daughter died instantly when she drove into a utility pole while texting on her phone.  She was texting the guy who used to be my roommate.  Anyway, he maneuvered his way into that family, taking the girls room, casting his boyfriend to the curb, getting a full college education, and a load of other stuff. 
The point being.. this guy was a master of using a fictionalized "reality" to achieve his goals. 

This is quite similar to the "celebrity" class in the entertainment industry.. whom often get referred to with the generic term "Hollywood" even though they might be a celebrity based in Las Vegas, NYC, etc.  These entertainers, producers, directors, casting agents, etc. live a very mercurial life where they have massive ups and downs in fame, attention, money, power, etc.  Most of them have one or two major successes, followed by decades of just coasting along in mediocrity and unemployment.  The ratio of qualified actors, performers, etc. to jobs is probably at least 100 to 1.  To be successful, these people can't be realistic.  They have to pretend to be something they are not, be the life of the party, be interesting, be controversial, kiss asses of the people in power, associate with other mercurial people, etc. 

This results in many short-term affiliations, meetings, social events, etc.  One element ignored by the media is that it's not just someone in "power" taking advantage of someone selling themselves or at least marketing themselves for career advancement.  This is preceded by a lot of false schmoozing, partying, drugs, alcohol, drugs AND alcohol, etc.  Drugs & alcohol are classic "pants removers".   These people bitching that they were groped, molested, raped, etc. are rarely innocent themselves.. they were playing the game and then came back to bite the hand that fed them.   We know that Bill Cosby did that routinely.   The latest we hear about are Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, etc.  It seems that Charlie Sheen used drugs, alcohol, and influence to fuck Corey Haim (the dead Corey) up da' aze when he was 13 years old and then again years later.   It's also ironic that the people complaining about being molested don't complain UNTIL they are so old and washed up that they are no longer fuckable. 

Getting back to the topic..  "Hollywood" has been going apeshit over attacking Trump.. hurling shit at him, and frankly little if any of their shit and attacks have stuck.  By doing so, "Hollywood" opened the door to making public attacks on people for things that happened long ago, commonplace.  Their attacks on Trump failed.. but then the backlash began.. creeps like Hillary Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, John Pedosta, and all the other crooked political and "Hollywood" members of the "swamp" started lighting fires and getting burned by their own.. and those charges are STICKING.   They did their best to bring Trump down, and failed.. and now the REBOUND is in effect.   Ain't dat a bitch?

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