Pastor is a bad boy...
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Author Topic: Pastor is a bad boy...  (Read 362 times)
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« on: November 03, 2017, 11:58:30 pm »

I am just stating some facts to make this post SHORT instead of a book long dissertation...

My father and his second wife went to a baptist church just to get their purchased baby enrolled in that church's private school. 
The girl did her entire education at that church school from pre-school to graduation.
My dad's 2nd wife got a job doing day care for 4 year old's at the school just so she could be near the adopted girl all day long.
The girl was too lazy to leave for school 30 minutes early when my dad's wife had to arrive, so my dad was forced to drive the girl to school.
My dad was a manager of an office, where many of the workers showed up at 6 AM.. and my dad was not able to there until 9 AM.
That allowed the workers to shave, eat breakfast, read newspaper, etc. on company time every day because he was not there. DISASTER!
Dad's wife was doing things like tying the 4 year old's up, stuffing them in closets, not allowing them to go to restroom (peeing in pants).
When caught after many years, lied and blamed someone else. 
After dad's 2nd wife died (thank you Jesus!) I had to move back here to take care of dad.  He continued to go to that church.
He didn't go to the church for worship.. but for a singles club that the pastor set up.  (they also set up a non-alcohol nightclub for teens).
The pastor - acting as a pimp - set my dad up with a woman from India who wanted to marry an American to get citizenship.
The woman refused to tell my dad where she lived, her last name, or even her telephone number!
Woman said she didn't want to waste her cell phone minutes talking to my dad!
My dad dreamed of riding his bicycle with her in the park (they both rode bicycles).
My dad bought a wedding ring, and he went as far as picking her up to drive her to get the marriage license.
I knew what my dad wanted, and I knew what she was after.. and I managed to convince my dad to ask her some things.
I planted a recorder in the car, the woman demanded to have her own bedroom.. own bathroom.. she would not sleep with him.. she would not clean for him, she would not cook for him.. and she would be gone about 6 months per year travelling around the world. 
My dad was OK with all of that.. incredibly.. but then said "I can't wait to ride my bicycle in the park with you!"   She responded "NO!  When I ride my bike that is my private time with GOD!"    That was the last straw.. my dad dropped her off at the shopping center he picked her up at (since she would not tell him where she lived) instead of driving to get the marriage license.  She was deported about 10 days later. 

It was such an obvious scam.. I kept out of it because I knew that it was going nowhere...  but once over, I called up the pastor of the church - not realizing at the time that HE is the one that set it up!   Let's just say.. we had some "words". 

My dad continued to go to the singles club at that church.. but he was no longer welcome after dumping that bitch. My dad had me take him to the weekly dinner at that church... one night after dinner.. my dad was sitting in the lobby while I went to the little boys room.  When I got out, I saw that the pastor and the security guard of the church had ambushed my father (who has Alzheimers).  I walked over and the pastor was livid.  He told me to shut up, and pointed to the opposite side of the room and instructed me to go away.  I laughed at him.  The pastor then instructed the security guard to call the police, and the PASTOR threatened to beat me up!  I was in shock!  I laughed at him again.  The security guard couldn't get his cell phone to work or something.. so, I told my dad to get up, and walked out.. and I was loudly chewing out the pastor's ass so that a lot of people heard.  The silver lining to this is.. I HATED having to bring my dad to church... and that was the END of going to church! 
Fast forward 6 months.   That pastor was no longer at that church.  He was fired.  He set up his own church in some remote city in Florida that I never heard of before.  He isn't pastor their anymore either.  It seems this pimp pastor set up a "GoFundMe" page with a goal of $20,000 supposedly to benefit a family in need.  "Someone" did a bit of investigating.. and found out that the family it was supposed to benefit did not exist!   WHOOOPS!   
Somebody better call his momma!


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