All things considered.. false sexual assault charges create BIG problems
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Author Topic: All things considered.. false sexual assault charges create BIG problems  (Read 220 times)
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« on: November 23, 2017, 06:52:00 am »

Consider that you are a man who has sex with a woman (I know, it sounds REPULSIVE!  bleah!)
Consider that this sex is with a prostitute, or some one night stand, or a sexual assault.
If you didn't have any worries about any consequences.. you would probably forget about it. 

However, now there is an avalanche of women making both real and fake claims.. in public.. without bothering to even offer the chance of a trial before ruining the man's life.
With THAT possibility.. you can be sure that there will be some men who decide that after their sexual encounter... instead of going home.. they might very well decide not to take the risk of consequences... and kill the woman. 

Can you imagine some man with a wife, family, good job, etc.  getting drunk and taking advantage of a woman?  If he thinks he is going to have his life destroyed as a result, he may very well do something evil and horrible to silence the woman rather than just brushing it off like a pig. 

My point being... the truth has consequences.. which arguably should be dealt with.  For instance.. if a woman really was violently raped, then that woman better report it IN A TIMELY MANNER - not 40 years later - so that this man doesn't do the same thing to another woman.
Lies also have consequences... and false accusations often result in unanticipated results. 

I have one true life example from Canada which is similar to this line of thought:
This low life thug was a drug dealer and a pimp.  He got arrested and was out on bail.  He was concerned that this teenage girl that worked for him was going to testify against him at the trial... so.. he decided to silence her by shooting her TEN times in the head!    He must have kept firing until her head was blown off her shoulders!    (an interesting update to that story.. when this man went to prison, he made the mistake of trying to molest white boys in the shower.  Two young white boys didn't feel like servicing a black crackhead pimp.. so they killed him right in the shower!    Good riddance!)   

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