Why should I have to......................?
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Author Topic: Why should I have to......................?  (Read 99 times)
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« on: November 26, 2017, 10:42:12 am »

I just watched another feminist justify women having no responsibility in rape prevention.   

Why is rape the one thing that the victim has no responsibility to help prevent the crime?   

If I leave valuables visible in my car and someone breaks in and steals it, my insurance won't cover it.   

If I don't have 5 point locks on my exterior doors, my insurance won't cover any theft or damage.

If I don't have a fire break in the dividing wall of my duplex and there's a fire, my insurance won't cover it.

If I leave my keys in my car and it gets stolen, my insurance won't cover it. 

If I went to Cabrini Green (when it used to exist) and got robbed, the police would tell me that it was stupid for me to go there. 

If I was buying crack and got shot, police would tell me it was my own stupid fault.   
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