SJWs win, I'm now trans.
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Author Topic: SJWs win, I'm now trans.  (Read 614 times)
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« on: December 07, 2017, 03:24:28 pm »

Ok, let's face it.   SJWs keep calling for equality for "everyone" (read: except for white men) so I decided to join the SJW bandwagon and become trans. 

Now if I get into any legal problems, I get special treatment in the UK legal system.  Despite the UK's gender equality laws, the "bench book" (rule book for judges) tells judges that they have to be extra lenient on women in all areas of court proceedings, including sentencing. 

Despite the UK's laws on gender equality, as a woman, I will get special treatment if I ever become homeless.   

Despite the UK's laws on gender equality, as a woman, I will get special treatment in all kinds of areas under the unofficial version of affirmative action.   

I will get to retire 3 years earlier than a man my age.

I will need a lot less pension credits than a man my age to get the full state pension.

I can get stay at home mommy state pension credits, but a man can't. 

If I want to abuse my husband, I can blame him in a "look what you made me do" type thing and get away with it. 

I can kill my kids and I'll be let off because women just don't do that kind of thing, in the UK.   But, if I were still a man, I'd have no excuse for killing my kids. 

I can scream "oppression" at everything and everyone will be falling over to make it better. 

I can "vag spread" while screaming about "man spreading". 

I can "vag splain" while crying about the oppression of "man splaining". 

I can "vag slam" while whining about "man slamming". 

I can #KillAllMen and not violate the UK's hate speech laws, while men will get prosecuted and lose their jobs if they did the opposite.


Is it any suprise that so many people are becoming trans to reap the rewards of "female oppression"? 
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« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2017, 09:38:54 pm »

Vaginas! Vaginas (natural and made) EVERYWHERE!

(But seriously...Vag spreading, kill your language with every breath)

But what do you expect raphjd?, Women (third wave feminists, to be more exact) are playing the victim card like they never did before.  They have mentally emasculated men, it is just a matter of time before they demand them to do it in real life.

Any effort to establish masculinity (real masculinity, not that ridiculous machismo) are diminished and made fun of.  My only hope is that this does not spread to the southern countries and stays being a Nordic-AngloSaxon phenomenon.


« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2017, 11:28:38 am »

Despite the "whitewash" of feminist history, both the suffrage movement and feminism were born of man-hating,  social climbing,  elitism and worst of all, racism. 

Emeline Pankhurst and 2 of her 3 daughters (mother of feminism) and Susan B Anthony (mother of the suffrage movement) were extremely vile cunts. 

If you go to some college websites, you will find audio recordings of speeches by both.   

We have the draft thanks to Emeline Pankhurst.   She and 2 of her daughters are responsible for a number of vile things that punish men while protecting women, in the guise of equality. 

How could feminism be anything but shit when it's born from cunts like these. 

Feminists fight against all forms of equality unless they deem it good equality.   

I'm the Chairman of my local council.   We constantly have women "fighting" to break the glass ceiling, while ignoring the glass basement.   Of 159 people in the Sanitation Dept. only 2 are women and they are in admin roles.      Not a single complaint has been about there being no women garbage collectors or street sweepers.   There is, HOWEVER, a lot of butt-hurt that there aren't more women in the admin positions in the Sanitation Dept.   3/4th of the council employees are women and this extends to senior positions, but that's not good enough.   

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