Sickening consequences of pre-nups
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Author Topic: Sickening consequences of pre-nups  (Read 333 times)
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« on: December 19, 2017, 07:31:21 pm »

"Horny Harvey" Weinstein had a prenup with his wife that stipulated a 33% increase ($300,000 to $400,000) yearly in the event of a divorce.  Well, guess what.. she filed divorce ON their 10th anniversary!  A bit coincidental, eh?   Clearly the woman was justified in divorcing that pig, HOWEVER, it was disgusting to remain married to this man she despised just to hit that magical 10 year mark.

Here's a worse case.  In the marriage of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, the prenup had a clause which required the marriage to last at least 10 years before Nicole would be entitled to a substantial settlement.  Just a few weeks before their 10th anniversary, Tom filed for divorce - presumably avoiding a huge payout to Nicole.  That is disturbing fact #1.
#2   Nicole had not been pregnant for their entire marriage.. yet months before that magical 10 year mark - voila - she got pregnant.  One might say that Nicole intentionally got pregnant to not only hit that 10 year mark in the marriage, but also to get 18 years of child support for the baby. 
#3  Tom claims that he divorced Nicole because she got pregnant and he was sure it was not his baby (which makes sense, since Tom Cruise was rendered impotent by chemotherapy treatments for Hodgkins in about 1990 (everyone has forgotten about that, and it has been wiped from the internet).  I happen to think Cruise was correct.. that wasn't his baby.. nor is that baby Suri whose mother is Katie Holmes - who looks nothing like Tom Cruise.
#4  Had Tom not divorced Nicole when he did, he would automatically have to pay her a fortune just for the 10 year stipulation. When he DID file for divorce before the 10 year mark, it would seem that Cruise managed to avoid paying out big $$$ to Nicole.. but not so fast.  If Nicole had that baby, then Cruise would still be on the hook for huge $$$ for child support.. only Nicole knew that the baby was NOT Tom's... so what did Nicole do?  She had an abortion!   SICK!  (she claims it was a miscarriage - bullshit). 
#5  Then, since there is no baby, Nicole came up with another trick.  She claims that she had a "miscarriage" (actually she had an abortion)  several weeks after the divorce - and that the "miscarriage" was a result of Tom Cruise divorcing her WHILE she was pregnant!  OOPS!  Tom on the hook for big bucks again!
#6  Nicole then claimed that she had DNA proof that Cruise was the father of the baby, and successfully blackmailed Cruise into a 50/50 split which amounted to several hundred million dollars!  OUCH!

I would add... "who keeps tissue samples of their dead baby to use in blackmailing someone?"  SICK!   Both Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are SICK MONSTERS. 

Meanwhile.. after 3 failed marriages.. and being sucked dry by Scientology.. and his movie career going down the drain.. and Tom Cruise not aging very well...  Tom is no longer mega-wealthy.. he is no longer attractive (not that he ever was).. he's lost his vitality and appeal.. and power..   and he can't seem to find another young scientology starlet willing to be beard #4. 
It sucks to be Tom Cruise!

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