Shy cruising tale (non-fiction)
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Author Topic: Shy cruising tale (non-fiction)  (Read 4261 times)
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« on: January 22, 2018, 10:58:46 pm »

Hey guys! I have been thinking for quite some time about writing down this little but exciting story of mine, so that I would never forget what happened to me last year. And now that I did it, it would be very selfish of me not to share it.

Unlike my previous two stories, which were purely fictional, this one is 100 percent true.


Last year I found myself spending some days on a certain Spanish island. I was traveling alone, so I was able to do whatever I wanted, without fearing of anyone judging me.

Near the village where I stayed, there was this path along banana plantations with a beautiful view of the ocean off the cliffs. I found out from the Internet that the banana plantation was a cruising area for gay people, but I did not have courage to go there to find out whether the rumors were true. Although being 25 I probably should not have been such a coward. What I did have courage for though, was going to this rocky nudist natural “pond” at the ocean, where I could, with some difficulties, get by climbing down a path towards the ocean.

So, I went there one afternoon, with nothing but my phone, towel, cigarettes, lighter and a bottle of water. Once I got to the pond, noticing several signs warning the visitors that they were entering a “Clothing strictly prohibited area”, I saw that there was a group of young people occupying one spot, wearing swim trunks like the morons they were.

I climbed over the rocks to look for a more private spot. See, the rocks were arranged in such a way, that a person could sit on the ground naked, without anyone really being able to see them, unless they walked really close. As I was walking to a secluded zone, I saw a naked guy, at the age of ~30, sitting on a towel and smoking. I decided to set up my towel just a few meters from him, so that I could easily stand up and just walk around, trying to not let him catch me admiring his penis.

I sat down, read some stuff on my phone, and then felt like lighting myself a cigarette. I figured that this would be a great opportunity to initiate some interaction with the guy. So I stood up, walked to him, greeted him and asked him whether he had a lighter.

“I’m really sorry for bothering you, but I forgot the lighter at home. I’ve got cigarettes and all, really don’t know how I could forget the lighter.”

He said: “Sure, no problem. Here, take it, and in case you need it again, I’ll be right here.”

So I lit my cigarette, returned him the lighter, thanked him and walked back to my spot. I tried hard to look into his eyes during our short conversation, preventing my eyes from sliding down to his cock.

I sat there for a while, smoking and then reading some stuff on my phone. I noticed that he also stood up to take a walk through the rocks, and I was hoping he would be checking out my body, but I didn’t catch him doing that.

After a while I needed to smoke another cigarette, so I walked to the guy again, he was like “Sure, here you are.” But this time, after thanking him, I attempted to strike a conversation. Just a silly small talk, like whether he had been there for the first time, why he liked the place, etc.

He seemed to be interested in talking to me, so I asked him whether I could sit next to him. He said “Sure, take your stuff and come here.” I picked up my towel and stuff, and moved it to his spot, setting it just next to his. We continued talking, but I was still worried that this might just be a friendly conversation of two nude guys, him being straight, and so I avoided looking down at his body and cock. After a short while I could not help not noticing that his hand was moving to his crotch more and more often. Then he started stroking his cock very slowly.

“Would you like to have a bit from my joint?”

“No, sorry, I don’t smoke marijuana” I said. Then it became very clear to me that he was really masturbating. I finally gathered courage to let my dick rise up and I started stroking mine too. Then I moved my left hand to his thick cock.

After a few minutes he asked: “Do you like to eat milk?”

I was slightly frightened that the conversation was about to shift to my food intolerance, but instead of replying, I just wanted to make sure that I understood him right, so I asked: “What?!”

He pointed his finger to his crotch: “Milk, do you like to eat milk?”

Then I got it. Every day I learn something new in Spanish. I leaned towards his crotch, took his penis into my mouth and started sucking it. He used his hands to push my head down, but I resisted, because I had never done deep throat and was afraid of some inconvenient reaction of my body. Also, his cock was pretty long and thick.

After maybe one minute he told me he was coming, so I covered the hole with my tongue, let his load fill up my mouth, and I swallowed it entirely. I cannot explain how much I love the taste of semen!

Then I sat next to him again, and began to stroke my cock again. He suddenly got up and started to get dressed.

“Are you in a hurry?”

“Yeah, sorry. See you around, perhaps? Bye!”

I was pretty disappointed that he left me there horny and alone. He almost seemed like he got some paranoia from the weed he had smoked. I felt so bad that I quickly lost my boner and also the will to stay at the pond. I got dressed and headed to climb back up.

I set out to walk the path by the banana plantation to the village. While passing the plantation, I saw someone walking my path in the opposite direction, probably towards the pond. When he got closer, I saw that he was not very attractive. Slightly fat guy with glasses, probably in early forties, some dark facial hair. I took a quick glance at him when we passed each other by, and he did the same. I wondered whether he thought I was coming from the plantation.

After maybe 10 meters I looked around out of curiosity. He was walking towards the beach but he was looking around at me as well. 10 more meters and I looked around again, only to see him that he strayed from the path and headed to the plantation.

My heart was throbbing. I turned around and headed after him. I could see where he was going from the distance, so I followed him. He entered a more distant plantation. I entered it too, walked towards the center and found the guy with his cock out, jerking off.

“I need to pee,” I said, took out my dick and peed nearby. He came closer to watch me. I immediately started getting hard again. I am not into water sports at all, but it just turns me on so much to have someone to watch me peeing, or to watch someone else doing the same.

After I was done with urinating, I started with masturbation too. We were facing each other, at first masturbating separately, and then masturbating each other.

Then I kneeled down to suck his cock. It was shorter and thinner than the previous guy’s and I could almost fit it entirely into my mouth. I sucked him for a few minutes, then I stood up to stroke my cock again.

“What else do you like to do?” he asked.

“A lot of things. Pity I didn’t bring condoms and lube with me.”

“Me neither. It’s truly a shame.”

I kneeled down again to keep sucking him, this time making sure to use as much saliva as I could.

“A real pity. What are we going to do?” he asked me.

“I don’t know” I said after I took his cock out and stood up to stroke mine.

“What are we going to do?” he asked again. He held me with his hands and turned me around so that he would face my back. He got closer and poked the outside of my ass with his dick. That’s one of the hottest things in the world for me – that feeling of having a dick so close to my asshole, without the fear of the pain from actual anal sex. I knew he would not do anything without a lube or a condom.

But then he poked my anus with the head of his dick. I didn’t expect it, but I figured that there was no risk if he was just at the entry. And it felt so great!

He suddenly pushed deeper. There was no way of going back. In a matter of seconds, he slid his entire penis into my ass. I sighed. He gave me a few seconds before he pulled it out a bit, and slid it inside again. He started fucking me slowly, but he quickly gained speed. It didn’t take more than two minutes until I felt the familiar sensation of an adult man’s penis shooting his semen into me.

I was stroking my cock the whole time, so I managed to come immediately after him. He carefully pulled out and only then I realized that I felt a mild burning sensation in my anus.

We got dressed, said goodbye and I left the plantation. He stayed behind, so that nobody could see us leaving it together.

I have not returned to the place yet, and have not seen the man again. And even though I am still astonished at the risk I was willing to make to satisfy my lust, this remains my most exciting sex memory. I got tested afterwards and I am still negative.


If you want to read about some other sexual experiences of mine, give me thumbs up! Although this is probably the only one which does not need any embellishments with fiction, as it is perfect the way it actually happened.
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