Do you have a major fetish?
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Author Topic: Do you have a major fetish?  (Read 422 times)
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« on: February 03, 2018, 12:26:00 am »

I don't know why, but I'm aroused by male bondage. Every time I see a guy in bondage, it turns me on. Makes me wonder why  Huh?...  I can't explain what exactly about bondage is appealing to me. It's very confusing because it's like... why do I get a hard on every time I encounter it? Pics/videos of men tied/gagged make me instantly turned on. No explanation I can think of lol

Makes me curious about others on this site. Any of you have some weird fetishes?


« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2018, 05:27:58 am »

i have a fetish of collecting porn movie
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« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2018, 08:40:44 am »

----Edited with a story as an example----

Oh definitely.
In fact, it seems that almost every single person has a fetish - whether more obvious to others or not.
At least the gays in NYC certainly seem to (or at least the ones I attract???).

I personally do have a fetish too - objectification and degrading; being reduced to an object, a sex object to be used for their pleasures.

I think my personality/psychology has a lot to do with it.
Although fit, I'm small in stature. Always survived throughout my life through psychology & intersocial politics, as physical assertion wasn't conducive for or allowed by my genetics. I.E, think manipulative. Although I rarely manipulated for the sake of it in itself, generally tried to manipulate and move in the background for a desirable outcome for all involved. I got off on seeing 'bigger but dumber' guys get ousted because of my politics, which led them to realize that they have to appeal and submit.

That being said, my usual go-to fetish (again, despite being small), has been to objectify muscle hunks. To own them, to make them feel graced and grateful to be fucked by (although, they're the ones inside me) me.

BUT. BUT. The REAL BIG FETISH/TURN ON FOR ME!? If someone, despite my intelligence, politics and charm, completely overrules the WHOLE THING through brute force and charisma, and owns me. Completely pacifying and nullifying any methodologies I have as my arsenal to keep control. To own and use me.

The very latter rarely ever happens though. Most people THINK they have what it takes, and tries to fake it. But then it becomes very obvious that they are reaching way over their heads, and I can't take them seriously and end up taking back control - this is generally the most unideal situation, as they get insecure/butt-hurt, and ends up with them lashing out in a desperate attempt to hide their own disappointments and insecurities with childish-tantrum-like egoic meltdowns.

When someone has what it takes (alpha), generally, I feel/know it immediately. So sad that there's so few and far between.
A muscle hunk who's not just overcompensating for the lack of their intelligence, but simply as is and somehow with a charisma that can command the room: USE ME.  Cheers Cheers with love Cheesy Cheesy

The last sexual encounter that fits into my fetish was when I met a bisexual guy.
We exchanged pics on Grindr. He saw my photo and simply said, "perfect." Then he came over to my hotel room.
He walks through the door with a leather jacket with fleece lining, normal fitted jeans. He sees me, and then a grin develops on his face as if he is satisfied with his prey. He didn't say anything. He walks over to me, gets behind me, and puts one of his hands down my pants. He initially dabs his finger against my lasered-smooth hole, then grabs the entirety of my ass cheeks with his hand, as if about to lift me up. He then thrust his crotch against my back, pressing his hard cock on the arch of my lower back as he used his other arm to wrap me by my torso and pull me in tightly. His arm moved upwards and his hand reached for my throat, which he used to turn my head as he thrust his tongue into my mouth, to claim me as his own.

He continued to grin and then said, "this is going to be fun," and tossed me onto the bed. I fell face down, barely catching my fall. I didn't have much time to gather my composure, as he then grabbed me by the hip, making me arch my back and perk my ass up. Then I heard him unbuckle his belt, and pull off my pants in one pull.

He started eating me out, and I moaned, perking up my ass for him to feast upon. He took his shirt off, pulled down his pants, then laid on the bed with his back rested against the headboard. He didn't say anything, and just looked at me. His legs spread wide, his cock rock hard, throbbing and resting against his abs. Again, he was still grinning.

I crawled into the warmth of his legs, and dug my face into his crotch. He had his arms up, his hands buckled behind his head. Enjoying the view of me sucking his cock.

When he was satisfied and wanted more, he told me he wants to fuck me. I pulled out a condom and put it on his cock, while lubing my hole and his cock. I asked that he goes slow as I'm really tight. He didn't object or approve - he was just enjoying himself. He laid in the same position, with his hands still wrapped around the back of his head, his armpits exposed.

I slowly worked my way down his shaft, as I impaled myself on his cock. He gave me time, but not completely.
When he thought I've had enough time to prepare myself, he got up, had me on my back in the blink of an eye, and started thrusting inside me. He thrust so hard that I was at the edge of the bed in a few seconds, desperately holding onto the wall to prevent myself from falling off the bed.

To wrap up the story, he came. We took a break. He reminded me that "I'm not done with you yet." I went back to his crotch, and he shot a load into my mouth. We went to bed, and in the middle of the night, he woke me up with his hard cock pressed against my back. He turned me over under the sheets, and used his spit to slide inside my loosened hole. This time, he thrust slowly and deeply until he came.

You get the idea.

In summary: I like to take control, generally get what I want no matter the circumstances (except for my sex life blow nose). This is reflected in my professional career and position. But someone that completely overrides that and proves me wrong. Uses me with complete disregard to the methods that most others submit to. Actually, no not disregard, but seemingly have mastered and transcended beyond it that they simply could not be bothered by it. And goes on to claim and take what he wants  with love.

I'm pretty sure child psychology has a lot to do with it. Freud's idea on fetishes (not necessarily sexual, although often the case with men as it entails their fear of castration) I think is a good base understanding: a child's mind desperately clinging to the very last moment in which it's own phallic and thus egoic definition was complete without any threat. Any associations that happened to be around at the time of such disillusionment, is what he believes one develops as a fetish for: the most common example being a child looking up the skirt of his mother/women, realizing that she does not have a penis, making him fear for the possibility of his own being removed. With the last visual/physical 'entrance point' right before this occurrence would most likely have been the feet, hence the reason a lot of people might have foot fetishes; the last light one remembers before having entered the eternal cave.

Of course, don't take it literally, as there are other more complicated possibilities/permutations of egoic repression/expression.
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« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2018, 05:16:02 pm »

It's NCAA men's basketball season, so I'd have to say, athletic armpits.  I guess that makes it a seasonal fetish, lol.


« Reply #4 on: February 14, 2018, 03:31:50 pm »

black socks/ feet of a muscular guy


« Reply #5 on: February 14, 2018, 05:02:44 pm »

Uniforms.  Basically guys having sex while wearing clothes.

It bugs me to see a porn billed as 'athletes' or 'cops' or 'military' when the very first thing they do is strip.  I  with love the videos where the erection sticks out from the uniform and they fuck with enthusiasm.
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« Reply #6 on: February 14, 2018, 11:02:43 pm »

Masks, as in wrestling masks, I don't know why (I mean I know why) but everytime I see a muscular dude with a mask on something just tells me to fuck the living crap outta him.

That, and bald guys turn me on big time.


« Reply #7 on: February 17, 2018, 07:13:13 pm »

Oh, I like that "certain type" of bald guy, as well.  A bald (or balding) guy with the right facial hair...  Evil


« Reply #8 on: March 01, 2018, 05:48:18 pm »

I don't know why, but I'm aroused by male bondage. Every time I see a guy in bondage, it turns me on. Makes me wonder why  Huh?...  I can't explain what exactly about bondage is appealing to me. It's very confusing because it's like... why do I get a hard on every time I encounter it? Pics/videos of men tied/gagged make me instantly turned on. No explanation I can think of lol

Makes me curious about others on this site. Any of you have some weird fetishes?

Foreskin. Smegma. Gaping holes. Wet and more :-)


« Reply #9 on: March 20, 2018, 07:28:45 am »

Chest hair. Evil Evil Evil

(Spose its not really a 'fetish'  but it does it for me every time lol)


« Reply #10 on: March 20, 2018, 04:03:47 pm »

My greatest fetish is guys-who-have-financial-security.


« Reply #11 on: March 21, 2018, 06:48:23 pm »

What gets me going even I'm not in the mood is intimacy, softcore mainstream movies do it the best. I don't know if that counts as fetish  Huh?


« Reply #12 on: April 01, 2018, 05:24:40 am »

Foreskin, foreskin, foreskin.....
I am so obsessed with foreskin.
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« Reply #13 on: April 11, 2018, 02:43:01 am »

Heavy bondage, chastity, watersports, hypnosis, orgasm denial, and being a cumdump (getting used by multiple guys at once).

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