Feminists support vag privilege in state retirment
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Author Topic: Feminists support vag privilege in state retirment  (Read 289 times)
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« on: March 07, 2018, 08:52:23 am »

Since the state pension (social security in the US) started, women have been extremely privileged and a few years ago the UK govemernment tried to make it a bit fairer by equalizing the retirement age for men and women. 

Every women's group, including feminists, fought against it and got mixed results. 

Previously, women got to retire 5 years earlier than men.    Female teachers got to retire at 50, while male teachers retired at 55.  Most everyone else was 60/65. 

They also needed 20 fewer years of working "credits" than men (17 for women vs 37 for men).    This is now equalized at 30 years for both, but keep reading. 

Women also get "credits" for being stay at home moms.  Men do not get this privilege.   This results in men not wanting to be stay at home dads.   This is then used in courts and whatnot to justify women getting custody of the kids. 

As I previously said, it was a mixed victory for equality, while feminists and women's groups got some other victories.

If you compare me and a women born on the same day as me, she will still get to retire 2 years earlier than me 66 vs 68.  She will still get to get a full state pension with only 25 years while I need 33 years.  This is because the government agreed to a sliding scale to the "equal" point.   

Anyhoo, feminists and women's groups are now trying to reverse the entire thing so that women get all the state pension goodies/privileges they got before the changes were made.  If they get their way, I'll have to retire at 68 while a female born the same day will retire at 60. 

Not a single feminist group has been against this move to reverse the change and several are publicly supporting it. 

I wonder if any leftists here have the courage to defend this "gender equality" as seen through the eyes of feminists and the left.   


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