White leftists hate jews, christians and white people
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Author Topic: White leftists hate jews, christians and white people  (Read 535 times)
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« on: April 03, 2018, 11:53:03 am »


This is an extremely telling video on how the genocide of whites is viewed by the left; denial isn't a river in Egypt.

Watch the entire video and you will see that white leftist hate jews and christians, but love muslims.  

BTW, I am fully aware that the masked bike lock liberals will downvote this without the courage to defend their position.  
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« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2018, 09:10:24 pm »

as a leftist, i find the association and even appropriation of the left with indoctrinated feminist SJWs really quite appalling. Also, don't delude yourself, raph, into thinking that this specific cancer is unique to the "left". But i will admit, it is more prevalent in these types. Nothing has stopped our beloved tory government from pushing "feminist" dogma and policies for years now. this is the status quo.

honestly, the political situation we have in the UK right now is a joke. Both main parties are a joke for entirely different reasons. The greens are not pragmatic enough and split between "green greens" and "red greens" and tbh, are a bit incompatible. Both are incopetent and the alternatives are hopelessly naive or single-issue.

economically, the choice between rampant unfettered neoliberalism and deprecated irrelevant-in-globalised-economy keynesianism is like asking someone whether they would rather shoot or hang themselves.

i honestly don't see a good alternative solution being offered right now.

but i guess we learned to master the "Douche vs Turd" politics from america's dems vs reps joke.

The old left-vs-right binary is dead. Call these people what they really are. Hopelessly misguided, self-loathing SJWs.
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« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2018, 10:48:31 am »

It's not so much about political parties, but about the people.   

Using the UK Labour Party as an example, it was the ubber cheap membership fees that brought Corbyn into power.    He would never have come to power without the dole scum communists that now make up the bulk of the Labour Party.   Without these people, we'd still have the Blairite Labour Party where it was cool to be rich.   

A lot of this leftist hate filled crap is being taught in schools and universities as mandatory courses.   

We have "ethics" professors wearing masks and smashing at least 11 people over the head with his bike lock and slinking back into the crowd. We have a 6th-grade teacher indoctrinating her students into "By Any Means Necessary" which usually means violence.   We have a black lesbian professor threatening violence against white professors if they don't obey the non-white students.  Everything at Evergreen College, basically.  Portland University ran anti-white courses that were funded by student tuition.  An officially sanctioned "white people go around" event that forced white students to walk through a creek to get to class, which had police there to enforce it.

Feminism is a total lie and the media, political parties and whatnot constantly push that lies, despite all the proof debunking it.   The UK has countless examples of gender inequality against men, but nothing is ever said about it, while made up shit about anti-women is constantly spewed.  In the UK, feminist are pushing a petition to put back the vaginal retirement age to 60 and put the working credits back to 17 years, which includes stay at home moms.  How the fuck is that about gender equality?! 

UK police are pandering to feminists and their fake rape claims, by hiding evidence that proves the man is innocent.  How many men have this happened to and how long has it been going on?!   To increase the conviction rates for rapes, the police (and probably the Crown Prosecution) has been hiding evidence that proves men are innocent.   

It's just as shitty as 40+ years of hiding muslim rape gangs in the UK for fear of being called racist.    Who cares about the nearly 6,000 young white girls who were victims of this (that we know about so far), as long as the muslims are happy.

BTW, I think you are new to this section, so I'll make my declaration again.   I am a classic liberal and I despise this modern liberalism.


All political parties are shit, but they have differing reasons for it.
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