Adding a standard for naming torrents to the upload guide.
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Author Topic: Adding a standard for naming torrents to the upload guide.  (Read 1309 times)
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« on: April 08, 2018, 04:21:54 am »

I've been downloading for a while and renaming the every torrent on my library by myself is a bit of a job. I do that so I can have my torrent organized on my torrent client, because porn must be organized laugh. It is only for video content since it's the thing I mostly download and other types I can categorize on the client itself so it doesn't mix with the videos.
@Edit- Checked the upload guide, and it already has things like abbreviation of studios in it, and mostly standard for what to put in the description on post itself, even tho it's very useful for when choosing what to downloading, people who downloading it will have everything mixed up in their libraries, makes me sad to see everything disorganized.

I've written down how I do it myself:

[Source] Name {Order} SubTitle <2000> - Actor1, ... ActorN-1, ActorN (Quality)

This is the order, but only put information that is relevant and that is known, some exemples :

[FS] Love and Lust in New York - Brant Corgiran, Curtis Wolfy (1080p)[/color]
[LE] Double Raw Penetration {6} No Holes Spared Bareback <2017>
[LE] Dilan Djames, Aiden Starv (540p)
[Man] Bears on my Weekend - Jayton Whels, Romen Toddy {3}
[CF] Dany, Elias and Brock Fuck Arround (720p)
[RS] Mountain Getaway {1-4} <2013> (1080p)
[ + ] Jonny Radip #pack
[SC] Daddy's Club <2010>
[ ? ] Cheaters {2} - Jaxton Wheeler, Armond Rizzo
[ * ] Brother finds his bf fucking his cousin at dinner party

Here is how it works on my head:

1) Source(*essential):
  • [Name]    A Producer / Source, if it has more than 5 letters, abreviate it(ex: LuccaEntretaining -> LE; ex: ThisIsAVerryLongName -> TVLN connective words not abreviated)
  • [ * ]      Homemade/Special one-time thing
  • [ + ]      Multiple Producers / Sources
  • [ ? ]      Unknown
@Edited : First I posted saying if the name of the source had more than 18 letters i'd abbreviate, because this is how I do, but I've checked on the upload tutorial and they have their own thing, so I tried to match with it. even tho I think it could cause confusion.

2) Name (*essential):
  • If it's an actor Bundle/Pack/Best of put his name followed by a # explaining what it is about (No upper letters or spaces) ex: [ + ] Jonny Radip #bestof
  • Careful your Scene name may be the actors names plus something, if thats the case, let it there and just don't specify actors
  • If the name of the producer has a '.com' don't put it for convention
  • Is there is a subtitle, that goes after the order

3) Order(*recommended if there is):
  • If its a scene that has many parts point it out which are being downloaded
  • If you created a pack and are separating it with more than 1 part; ex: [BE] Brint Evernet #sitecollection {3} (HQ)
  • If there are no sequences don't put it

4) Subtitle (*totaly optional):
  • If there is put it here; ex: [LE] Double Raw Penetration {6} No Holes Spared Bareback <2017>

5) Year (RE):
  • self-explanatory (if its a pack and with multiple videos you could <200X-200Y>)

6) Actor:
  • Put the "-" only if you list the actors, if you have a pack of an actor, I woudn't sugest to put it again

7) Quality(*recommended):
  • Just indicate the quality
  • I'd recommend using the numbers standard (720i,720p,1080p)
  • If you don't know, it's ok to go with (SD,HD,FHD)

  • Specify the type of video file, it's meaningless (.mp4, .avi), that will be on the file anyway
  • Put anything less 480 and don't warn people
  • Avoid diferent characters like "&" try to write it properly "and", I don't use uTorrent anymore, but when i used to use it, it didnt recognize it.

  • I prefer to captilize anything that is not a connective word on titles, both are nice tho:
  • ex: [CF] Dany, Elias and Brock Fuck Arround (720p)
  • ex: [CF] Dany, Elias and Brock fuck arround (720p)

@Edit - The upload guide is here :
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