Left's ISM's of low expectations of non-whites/men
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Author Topic: Left's ISM's of low expectations of non-whites/men  (Read 344 times)
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« on: April 15, 2018, 10:39:23 am »

Leftists scream that anyone to the right of Stalin is literally Hitler.   

They are too stupid to see that their own actions/beliefs are extremely racist/sexist/ableist and countless other things. 

The UK recently had a case where a "refugee" couple had a newborn baby and didn't feed it for 15 hours, because the NHS didn't tell them to.  The parents admitted the baby cried non stop for several hours until it stopped.    When the family of the couple came by to see the baby, they saw that the child was pale and lethargic.  They then forced the couple to take the baby to the emergency room.  Rather than being deemed blatant child neglect by the parents, it was deemed a failure of the NHS for not telling them to feed the child.   

We have Affirmative Action where certain races get to have lower scores (up to 290 points in some cases) than whites and asians and still get in.   They then demand that we not question if they got in with crap scores.   

We constantly have articles from the left on how MERIT, ACADEMIC RIGOR, and the like are horrible ISTs that punish non-whites and men. 

A couple years ago we were told that feelings and feminism were needed to fight climate change and that facts got in the way. 

UN WOMEN (there's no UN MEN) quoted vaginalist, Jessica Valenti, saying that equality oppresses women, so women need to more than equal to men.   

We're constantly told that tests are multiple ISTs that only benefit white men, because you know, 2+2=4 only for white men. 

As we saw with the video of the black South African girl (and other black students from the US) claiming that science is "colonial" because western science ignores that magic is real. 

The UK's Judge's manual (aka "bench book") twice says that women are supposed to be treated extremely leniently in all areas of court proceedings.    This was justified by quoting the female UK Supreme Court Justice, by the feminist controlled group that writes the bench book.    Feminists have been silent on this.  So clearly feminists agree that women are weak as shit and can't handle being treated equal to a man.

We are told that only whites are/can be racists.   We are commanded by leftists to ignore the blatant racism seen by all the other races.   This is especially true when we look at Africa and the comments and actions of blacks there toward whites.   The leader of the 2nd biggest political party in South Africa can say "cut the throats of whiteness" and "I'm not calling for the slaughter of whites, at least for now" and leftists see nothing wrong with that.   What the left deems racist in this entire thing is bringing these things to light. 

Leftists believe women should be held to a lower standard when it comes to getting their state pensions.   In the UK, they are trying to reverse the partial equalizing of the requirements for the state pension between men and women.   Apparently, gender equality in retirement is somehow anti-women sexism.

Leftists praise non-whites, women, and every other group, for the very things they demonize whites and men for. 

Leftists tell whites to stop breeding so the non-whites can have more.  This is despite the fact that whites are the minority race in the world.

ALL whites (especially white men) are guilty of Dylann Roof's crime, however, no one is guilty of Emanuel Sampson's crime.  Sampson isn't guilty, according to the left because he is the victim of whiteness.   We are supposed to forget that he did the exact same thing DR did, but with the races reversed and to the very nation that brought him here as a "refugee" from Somalia and took care of him. 

Leftists remind me of Charles Manson, in a very real way.    Manson believed that blacks (and the other races) were stronger than whites, but were too stupid to take care of themselves so they would need him to rule the world for them.   Leftists are very much the same.   Identity politics is the modern version of Manson's "helter skelter".

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