Did you enjoy Avengers Affinity War ?
Hello September 23, 2018, 12:46:55 am *
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Author Topic: Did you enjoy Avengers Affinity War ?  (Read 173 times)
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« on: April 28, 2018, 02:00:16 pm »

Just watched the new Avengers movie and I must admit it was a great ride from the beginning until the end. Without giving spoliers, for those who have seen it, what did you make of the ending? Including the post credits scene. I'm intrigued with how the story of Thanos will end and how our hero's will accomplish this. Also looking forward to the movie about the hero referenced in the post credits scene.


« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2018, 03:56:03 am »

I read, Captain Marvel is the answer. One of the most anticipated next Marvel movie.


« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2018, 08:21:17 am »

Oh I loved it through and through. Gotta say one of the most well-made movies ever. Loved that all characters (except Steve Rogers) are grey and layered. At times I felt a lot of plots and contribution by certain Avengers seemed so redundant, including that of Vision, Wanda, Natasha, Shuri, and even Thor. It had to lead to the inevitable ending where Thanos completes all infinity stones and does his finger snap.

I almost made my own theory about the ending: Thanos regrets having destroyed half the universe as he is left with nothing, as is shown in the final scene of him sighing in solitude and the brief scene with young Gamora. So he used the Time stone to reverse time and create an alternate reality where he doesn't go power tripping, and in that process the part of the universe that wouldn't have existed in such a reality start to disappear into dust (including Peter Parker, BP, Baby Groot etc.).

Later I realised that Thanos just did his finger snap and half of the universe just gets destroyed. It's a simpler story and makes more sense.

 Cheesy Crazy?


« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2018, 07:08:41 pm »

The ending was definitely frustrating but the whole movie was AMAZING! I can't wait for Captain Marvel to join the movie list and for the next Avengers Cheesy


« Reply #4 on: July 26, 2018, 06:21:54 pm »

The ending was so depressing tbh


« Reply #5 on: August 18, 2018, 12:16:03 am »

yep. it was amazing. specially thor in wakanda scene

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