Theist vs Atheism
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Author Topic: Theist vs Atheism  (Read 1364 times)
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« on: June 12, 2018, 11:42:16 pm »

What if God does exist? And what if he actually doest??


« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2018, 09:14:05 am »

If god exists, as in the 3 Abrahamic religions, then he's a vile cunt who doesn't deserve to be worshiped.
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« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2018, 05:29:09 am »

I identify as an atheist, but I am open to the first mover theory - basically that a supernatural being might have kicked everything off with the big bang or whatever but then that he fucked off. I don't think it is reasonable or moral to believe that "god" is running a celestial North Korea* and that we can all be convicted of thought crime and punished for eternity because we didn't partake in the correct spiritual activity while on earth.

Consider the contradiction between a child being pulled from a collapsed building after 6 days without food or water, for that we should all thank god, but when he allowed 250,000 to die as a result of the Indian Ocean 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami we are told not to question god, because he moves in mysterious ways*.

*attribution to Christopher Hitchens
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« Reply #3 on: September 08, 2018, 05:30:22 am »

David Attenborough is coy about whether he believes in god but has said he finds it hard to believe that a god as described by Christianity exists. He cites the example of a parasitic worm in Africa that can enter the human system simply by stepping in a puddle of water containing its larvae. The worm then grows inside of the human (often children) until it burrows out through the eye permanently blinding the victim. He asks “how could a benevolent god allow such a creature to exist?”.
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« Reply #4 on: September 08, 2018, 11:10:04 pm »

SO INTERESTING. After seeing the other post regarding "religious freedom to discriminate", I was thinking of starting a similar thread! Strap in, this will be long and meandering.

You will all remain seated while my Rice Crispies speak.

I was raised in a very religious household, "Wisconsin Synod Lutherans" are even more narrow minded and elitist than Catholics if you can picture that. I got put through what I consider to be "full religious hazing" (Private Lutheran Parochial school), and at 4 1/2 I was exposed to "The good book" which really makes anything Steven King wrote seem trite. I was THOROUGHLY traumatized right from the rip. Nightmares that "God" would look into my heart and find a spec of dust and send me to Hell - the whole nine.

Imagine realizing at about the SAME time, I was really attracted to boys. That is to say before I even knew what sex was, ever heard the word "gay" in any other context but "happy" I liked boys. Now hard as it may be to wrap your head around, in KINDERGARTEN - they cover all the big sins. But I was more worried God would strike me dead for hating the scary creepy old Pastor who came to our class room every Friday to sprinkle fire and brimstone.

Back then - it never occurred to me that boys could be with boys. So I desperately wished I was a girl. No really, I used to flounce around the house with a t-shirt on my head (It was my luxurious blonde hair), and my Mom's stiletto heals. It used to FREAK my Father out. This - because only girls could be with boys, and kiss them. To say my childhood was complicated would put it mildly. Imagine my excitement when I learned that I didn't have to loose my dick to kiss a boy. But for the longest I still had the pesky HELL thing to deal with.

Fast forward 20 years, and a lot of life experience - add a highly developed bullshit sensor, and BAM! I am an atheist. This is to say I do not believe in "God" as depicted in the "Fairy Tails of the Good Book". I think organized religion of every denomination is the biggest lie ever perpetrated on mankind. I think it had it's purpose, it was pretty "dog eat dog" when it's illustrious bullshit creation was made necessary. Imagine a world with no rules! It musta been one hot fucking mess.

I think as time went on, the fables grew - like any story ever made it from one side of the room to the other intact. As new "challenges" grew, a new "prophet" would spring up with a brand spanking new message from GOD! How wonderful. Trust me there must have been a ton of men fucking men back then, obviously the "elders" had fears nobody would be left to propagate the human race! Hence the addition to the "Commandments" along with a lot of clean outlines for righteous living came "Thou shalt not sleep with thy man servant."

I am guessing at the time there must have been a ton of "wife pilfering" going on as well - hence "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife." and the poor bastards couldn't hang onto the good silver to save their souls, - YEP you got it, "Thou shalt not steal." Blah Blah Blah thing n a thing. There you have it boys, the "Bible", it began as a form of early law, and to add street cred, they got a little carried away with the fairy tales needed to keep people living in fear. I remember being DISTINCTLY and profoundly upset with the story of "Absolem" - the gorgeous dude with the long flowing hair.. *I* wanted long flowing hair, did that mean I was going to get killed by God? Seriously.. the mind of a child. LOL!

I have formed an opinion about what really got us here. It is my theory, that this planet was "cleansed" of everything (IE Dinosaurs, big scary monsters that would have threatened our existence to INCLUDE early man.) Once the dust had cleared, and the vegetation began to return - the Earth was colonized by our "counterparts", in all likelihood from another universe. It was decided that this colony would be void of all technology, to "begin again". I suspect that said race had already far exceeded both our technology, and our propensity to devour everything in our path. I believe we were an experiment of sorts, and at the same time perhaps held the only hope of continuing our kind, all our "Nationalities" preserved exactly as they intended - a sort of mirror image of what could have been an early iteration of them. Scattered to the "four corners", each to their own.

I also believe the animals plants and vegetation of some sorts were also brought, to ensure our survival as well as theirs. I think along the way, much as we have seen some species morph and evolve, some things happened by natural selection. IE the weird little blinding parasite, and a host of other perilous remnants of the "Ice Age" or planet rebuild. I believe we have been visited often, I have often mused we are like a sort of large scale petri dish.

I have also mused these visitations have been disclosed at the highest levels of secrecy, and that much of our so called "miraculous" technology was a result of those highly clandestine visits. I mean think about it, up till the late 1800's we were still pretty much a "stick and a rock" civilization. Hundreds of years yielded little more than the ability to read and write! I find it more than a little suspect the only brilliant people showed up in the last 150 years. Just sayin. I'm not going into a big kerfuffle about UFO sightings, frankly I think it was all a lot more "Highbrow-ed" than that. I doubt our predecessors were little green men.

Think about it, up until just before the turn of the century we were still mostly hacking each other up in hand to hand combat, and watching Grandma wrinkle by candlelight was about as amusing as it got. Okay, maybe not quite THAT medieval, but not far from it. Fast forward to 2018 and more than any average man's "lifetime" worth of knowledge fits on a tiny chip half the size of your pinky nail.. You don't find that more than a little suspect? LOL

I do believe that what we refer to as our "souls", our "being" does go on - that there is another level of being after these "mortal coils" expire. I also believe that for what ever reason, we are "recycled" and returned here. Call it "reincarnation" or what you will, but I believe we come back. Like these bodies were designed to "house" us for what purpose I can't grasp, perhaps a living time capsule? Maybe an experiment to see if we by nature wind up self destructing as perhaps we had elsewhere? It has often been said life imitates art. Well there is certainly no shortage of sci fi covering visitors from other places.

I have also imagined that we come from a place we can't even conceive, evolved to the extent that everything about what makes life special and makes a human's heart soar was homogenized right out of existence. We created a world where sustenance and shelter were no longer a concern, all needs were cared for, all vises were removed by eons of micro control - reproduction and sex eliminated as unnecessary, a civilization of such bland existence that it's people on the whole began to wither, and atrophy. That in an attempt to wake their souls, they extracted our DNA and the DNA of everything around us and re-created their beginning and created man as receptacles they would wear in this new world. But as they "Jack in" through birth, all things they knew were erased, so as not to tarnish the experience. As they die in "Human" form, they return to THAT society reinvented. Spirits rekindled. LOL No I am not on drugs. I just have an active imagination! Smiley


There is a God, and this is HELL, I can't decide which.



« Reply #5 on: September 21, 2019, 03:34:00 pm »

If god exists, as in the 3 Abrahamic religions, then he's a vile cunt who doesn't deserve to be worshiped.
hahahaha, lol

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