Scottish Independence - why it's BS
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Author Topic: Scottish Independence - why it's BS  (Read 165 times)
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« on: June 14, 2018, 05:30:08 pm »

I've debated this for years, but as time goes by, I see that Scottish Independence is a bunch of shit. 

People that demand Scottish Independence can't make up their minds and are massive hypocrites. 

They believe that at every UK wide election, they have to win.   Apparently, that's how things will work in an independent Scotland; ie no one will lose an election. 

Hypocritically, I hate the SNP but I can't be "independent", despite the SNP controlling Scotland for the last 11 years. 

The Scottish government treats the region I live in like complete shit, but we're not allowed to call for independence from Scotland. 

While claiming they want self-rule, they also want to be ruled by the EU which in most cases prevents the individual country from deciding its own laws.   This is even worse in that most of the EU is completely anti-democratic in how it's run/organized.

While having a say in all England only things, they demand that only Scotland should have a say in Scotland things. (the West Lothian Question)

They don't understand what being a part of a "union" means.   They believe that anything originating in Scotland belongs to Scotland only, but anything originating in England should be shared out, with England getting the least ££££££ per person by a long shot.  (the Barnett Formula)

Only 2 parties support "independence"; the Greens and the SNP.   The Greens are blatant whores to the EU and the SNP are a bunch of fucking idiots that don't have more than 2 brain cells among them. 

A lot of stuff is devolved to Scotland, yet they refuse to use the powers they have. 

The SNP (and the Greens) are mentally retarded.   Plastic q-tips are ending up on the beaches after getting flushed down the toilet.  Logic says that you would go after the sewage plants and demand that they follow the law and make sure they filter them out.   NOPE!!!   Instead, ban plastic q-tips. 

If your area stinks of shit due to a sewage plant not following the rules (been going on in my area for nearly 30 years now), claim that nothing needs to change, despite the local sewage plant constantly violating the law.   This problem is in many areas of Scotland.

To settle a dispute between communities and the sewage plants, the government hires an expert of their choice then fires him and buries he report he made siding with the communities.   OOOPS, the report got leaked. 

After 11 years you can't pass an all-party supported parking bill that makes it illegal to block dropped curbs and not leaving enough space for normal pedestrian traffic to pass.   This keeps people out of the busy streets.  Then you lie and lie some more claiming that it's not a devolved issue, which it clearly is under Roads (Scotland) Act.   Notice the " (Scotand) " bit, that shows that it's devolved.  Obviously, the other side would be why did you fucking waste all that time and money over 11 years messing with it if it wasn't devolved?! 

They can import 2,000 economic migrants, give them immediate welfare and housing, but can't find the same for the 36,000 official government amount of homeless already in the country.   

They raised taxes, claiming it will help improve welfare.   Welfare is unchanged, claiming it's controlled by the UK government.  BULLSHIT.  It's devolved.   

As part of the tax changes in Scotland, you can now get up to £20 less income taxes per year if you're poor.  That's the max "discount" you get on your income taxes, but only if you make less than £24k.

Show that you love business by massively increasing their "business rates", which are the taxes they have to pay each year, in full before they can even open their doors.   

If you want to tackle air pollution in a residential area, then you punish the car drivers while exempting the commercial vehicles.  This despite your own studies showing that less than 20% of vehicles (commercial) create over 80% of the air pollution.     On top of that, claim you care about the poor by flooding their neighborhood with toxic air pollution from things like incinerators and whatnot.  Let's not forget about allowing the nearby industrial estate to "spill" toxic waste which flows into the park area making it unsafe for it to be used. 

The SNP and their fanatics can't do basic math.   During the last independence referendum, they outlined their post-independence budget and spent every penny they had/will have several times over.   The plane of existence I live in doesn't work in such a utopian money from nothing sorta way.  If I only have £10, it means I only have £10.  In independent Scotland, it means I have as much cash as I want and never have to borrow any.

This is the mentality of the Scottish independence side.   

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