Critical Race Theory and the hatred of whites, especially white men
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Author Topic: Critical Race Theory and the hatred of whites, especially white men  (Read 186 times)
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« on: November 05, 2018, 12:01:41 pm »

This thread (in the link), and all those like it, show the hatred by the left of white people, especially white males.  

1 poster brought up "critical race theory" which was created in the 80's to blame everything on whites, especially white men.  CRT claims that every white (male) has extreme privilege and oppresses every non-white.   White homeless disabled war vets with PTSD, who've been divorced raped by their wives have extreme privilege over and oppress people like P-Diddy, Obama, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, etc, etc, etc, etc.  

CRT says that the majority population is always racist against the minority population.   HOW-FUCKING-EVER, this only applies to white countries.  Non-white countries can't be racist against the minority, because "honkey".   This is why the left will never, ever criticize Zimbabwe, South Africa or any muslim country.  

We keep hearing about slavery as it was done by whites, but slavery has existed for at least 5,000 years and it still continues in Africa and the Middle East, but leftists refuse to talk about it.   Instead, they would rather rant about slavery in the white world that only existed for less than 300 years.   They also refuse to talk about how slavery in the west came about because of a black man, Anthony Johnson (himself, a former indentured servant), refusing to let his indentured servant, John Casor, go free at the end of his contract.  

Let's also not forget that "slave" comes from the Moorish name for Slav, as in the Slavic people.

Another problem with CRT is that it demonizes whites, even when all races are pretty much the same in whatever area.  As with the thread, I linked too,  it demonizes whites for not dating Asians.  The article and the liberal posters ignore the fact that all races are pretty much the same when it comes to relationships.  Whites are the most liberal when it comes to interracial relationships at about 13% (from marriage records) versus 9% for the other races, on average (based on marriage records).   In the various threads where I've pointed this out, I've been called a racist because the facts don't fit the anti-white narrative.  

We see a similar thing when talking about Black Lives Matter and the lies it's based on.   In a previous thread, I used Obama era FBI stats that showed that white cops were the least likely to shoot and black cops being the most likely to shoot, with the other races in-between.  Again, facts, even from race-baiting Obama, is racist if it doesn't fit the anti-white narrative.  

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