Liberal Europe is falling apart
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Author Topic: Liberal Europe is falling apart  (Read 86 times)
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« on: December 06, 2018, 12:06:16 pm »

Liberal Europe is falling apart fast.   

UK PM Theresa "Treason" May is trying to force the country to be even more of a slave to the EU, than if we stayed in the EU under the current shitty terms.   The "deal" she wants the UK to sign up to will prevent the UK from ever getting out of the deal without the vile EU's permission.

Merkel's welcoming of unlimited millions of "economic refugees" into Europe has been a disaster and caused a huge division within the EU. 

France's "green" taxes on fuel lead to riots.

The UK government now says that "Islamaphobia" is racism, therefore a hate crime.

The EU (along with individual liberal member states) and the UN want to criminalize criticizing migration. 

Thanks to "greenies", the EU has put extremely harsh fees on landfill use.   So everyone went to incinerators, despite people saying they are dangerous.   They called us liars.   Now we find out that even as far as 20 miles away (no studies done further away, yet) animals, eggs, honey, fruit, and veg, etc are absorbing the very same toxins that we were told were impossible to escape from the incinerators. 


Outside of Europe, Canada is doubling it's natural gas prices through taxation.   So heating your home and cooking your food will now cost twice as much.   

I don't know how exactly Canada works, but if it was the UK, you'd be paying VAT (aka sales tax) on all the other taxes as well.   Gordon Brown, when he was Chancellor under Tony Blair, moved VAT to the end of the line, so you pay VAT on everything; ie the item, fees, charges, surcharges, taxes and all the other bullshit the government piles onto the cost of goods.


« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2018, 06:19:35 am »

Canada has multiple levels of taxation, there's a federal goods and services tax (GST) and provincial sales tax (PST). These would be equivalent to the VAT.

Where I live there's no provincial tax on natural gas but some provinces charge PST and others charge the "carbon tax" on top of that. And oh yes the federal government charges the GST on natural gas regardless of where you live.

With exceptions like fuel, the federal government can't tax natural resources as it's under provincial jurisdiction but they are trying hard to impose a "carbon tax" on provinces to virtue signal and ensure a steady flow of revenue for their vanity projects under the disguise of "environmental concern".

Liberal policies are reverse Robin Hood schemes. It's a shame so many people believe in their crap, but I guess it takes a while for people to realize they are being fooled.

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