Leftists - "As a gay man," hypocrisy
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Author Topic: Leftists - "As a gay man," hypocrisy  (Read 178 times)
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« on: December 21, 2018, 01:33:32 pm »

For ages, I have seen "as a gay man you must agree with me"  "as a gay man you must hate this/that"  etc, etc, etc, etc

I first remember seeing this when Bill Clinton gave us the 2 most homophobic laws in US history.    HRC, GLAAD and the rest of the leftist fag groups told us that we must worship Bill for being so generous to us.

It constantly happened by everyone and their brother.   On a politics site, a fellow gay guy constantly demanded that I had to agree with him because I too was gay. 

Fast forward to last week;

Fag groups/orgs were posting on social media that because I was part of the LGBTQOOHIO:LGKJHV:KJGK>JGLK>JGK>J   community that I had to hate Tucker Carlson.   

I replied that "as a gay man" that I like Tucker and don't find him to be a hate monger. 

Ok, here's the new bit.

Apparently, it's forbidden for me (anyone really) to use "as a gay man" or whatever to justify/qualify my stance.   

I'm gay and I do not find Tucker to be homophobic. 

So others can demand that I must do something (hate Tucker, in this case) because I'm gay, but I can't say "as a gay man, I don't find Tucker to be a homophobe". 


Why wasn't I included when the memo was sent out?! 

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