Officially Announced Today: No Russian Collusion with Trump!
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Author Topic: Officially Announced Today: No Russian Collusion with Trump!  (Read 302 times)
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« on: February 13, 2019, 12:00:04 pm »

I know this is News to you, because CNN won't report the ACTUAL FACTUAL News.

It was officially announced today, that Trump was right the whole entire time - this was a witch hunt, and the investigations are over - there was NO evidence of collusion with Trump and Russia (ZERO). There. All you haters who've been trying so hard to press this issue - like we said, with no evidence for the last two years - have been doing so because of beliefs and not facts - because you just wanted to believe it, and you thought you could manipulate the people into accepting it to make it true (shame on you). It was what you wanted to believe. But now, it's over, it's done. You lost again, bigly. Thanks for wasting millions of our tax dollars because of your wannabe beliefs!

Now Devin Nunes (R) is announcing investigations into the obvious collusion with Democrats and Russia, such as Hillary and Mueller and Uranium One - which is on the record and already proven - they colluded with Russia period. Trump did not interfere with your little investigation as you had wished he did to make some case about obstruction, and he is vindicated. All these new investigations into his taxes he will allow because there is nothing there. We should get to see Maxine and Pelosi's tax returns too, because how do Congresspeople become millionaires on a 200K salary? The corruption on the left is overwhelming and it's going to bring them down and Trump will win in 2020 like we said over and over again, but you kept claiming Trump would go to jail and be found guilty. Looks like you were 100% wrong, like I said, and so many of us have said, again and again. When will you learn to Trust me? I'm right and I know what I'm talking about!

How can you Trust the media now? They are total fake news - they made you believe there was something that wasn't there. They're losers.
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« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2019, 09:41:14 pm »

Obama and Kerry are still colluding with Iran, working against the US. 


« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2019, 09:39:11 pm »

Shiff said that even if Mauller finds nothing on Trump, Shiff's congressional committee will keep investigating Trump and Co. 

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