London mayor, Sadiq Kahn, wants misogyny to be a hate crime, but not misandry
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Author Topic: London mayor, Sadiq Kahn, wants misogyny to be a hate crime, but not misandry  (Read 728 times)
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« on: March 08, 2020, 12:42:45 pm »

Londonistan's muslim mayor who said he would rather fund more anti-white racists, than help the victims of crime.    Despite stats proving otherwise, he keeps saying that London crime, especially violent crime, is dropping. 

Kahn is wanting to make religious and racial hatred an enhanced hate crime (aka counts double for being punished) but doesn't want the same for LGBTs because certain groups, mentioned above, are the main culprits of LGBT hate crimes. 

Khan also wants to make misogyny a hate crime, under the guise of "gender equality".  Misandry won't be a hate crime, under the guise of gender equality. 

This is the same Londonistan mayor who banned thin women in underwear/swimsuits ads in public in London.  He he has no problem with fit men in similar ads.   

What we are seeing here is that liberals infantilize women, muslims and non-whites.    Liberals believe that these groups need to be protected from everything, even things they do that are wrong. 

Muslims and non-whites need extra protection from being triggered, but they also need to be protected from committing hate crimes against women, whites and LGBTs. 

Women are brain dead little brats that have no option other than to get hysterical because they saw an ad for swimsuits that weren't about morbidly obese heffers.     Clearly men aren't so freckin fragile, otherwise, David Gandy and the like would be banned from the world.

Women are weak and fragile because they always get their way and if they don't, they scream misogyny.   

Of course, we have the media refusing to call a rape a rape when a woman has sex with a child.   

Of course, it's not rape when an illegal does it to a 3yo girl, in a sanctuary city/state.  Liberals blame ICE, not Chicago, for this.  ICE put a retainer on him, liberals let him go so ICE couldn't get him and he could rape that little girl. 

We have to protect wahmen, except not from multiple felon illegals in sanctuary cities/states.  A person with multiple felony convictions with a gun is too stupid to know what a gun is, according to the white saviours.    Kate Stienely doesn't matter so liberals can prove they are woke.

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« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2020, 07:45:13 am »

Sadiq Kahn is now bitching that too many people are still using mass transit, spreading COVID-19.

I thought he said you can't get it from mass transit.

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