BBC Chairman is an idiot and liar
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Author Topic: BBC Chairman is an idiot and liar  (Read 556 times)
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« on: March 14, 2020, 09:46:47 am »

Over the last decade, especially, the UK has seen an anti-BBC, anti-TV tax movement.    

This is due to blatant leftist bias by the BBC on every topic.  

Anyway, the BBC Chairman, testifying before Parliament, said that anyone willing to pay the optional subscription for Netflix and whatnot has no right to complain about being legally obligated to pay the BBC TV tax under threat of imprisonment and severe fines.  

I can cancel my subscription to Netflix and Amazon Prime, if they piss me off.   I CAN NOT cancel my TV tax.    

Only an idiot can't see the difference.

BBC cucks will claim that it's a fee (tv license fee), not a tax.  Taxes are punished with prison, while fees are totally a civil matter. I can call it a "tv hot sauce" if I like, but it will still be a tax since it involves prison.

1x Cheesy

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