10 Reasons Liberals are IDIOTS
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Author Topic: 10 Reasons Liberals are IDIOTS  (Read 42 times)
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« on: August 20, 2020, 05:25:51 am »


I may make a list of reasons why Conservatives are the same (and I might), but I’m sure you already have that one so it’s not important right now.

10: Voting for people because of their skin color (just so we can have a black president). And in the case of Kamala, chosen specifically because of her skin color (admitted and open by the Biden camp). This is the opposite of the Civil Rights movement.

09: The top ten most polluted cities in the country, are run by liberals, yet they claim they care about Global Warming and Conservatives are destroying the planet with their gas guzzling and coal burning (while their spokespeople enjoy private luxury jets while telling us to turn out the lights).

08: The top ten cities with the lowest reading and math comprehension, are run by liberals.

07: The top ten cities with the most gun violence, murder, rape, and theft, are run by liberals.

06: Governor Cuomo blames Trump for the high number of Coronavirus deaths in his state when Cuomo literally signed an executive order mandating that Covid patients be sent to nursing homes (the most susceptible people), instead of the Navy ships that Trump sent, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands. That’s murder, and the Democrats are ok that their mouthpieces at CNN and MSLSD are agreeing with Cuomo.

05: They all look the same. When I was in high school, I dressed in goth to be different. But I looked like the others, so I stopped one day. I started wearing bright colors. It’s the same with those who think that getting a bunch of tattoos and dying your hair blue or pink will make you stand out as “unique.” You’re not special, sorry. You look exactly like all the Antifa and BLM people do. It’s a hive mentality and a void of sameness. You’re not cool, you just look like you’re desperate and your ego is there to do damage control because that’s the only way you can survive.

04: They don’t understand the difference between a Republic and a Democracy. A Democracy is not “everyone gets a say.” It’s mob rule, and it’s the place where the minority loses it’s rights.

03: Joe Biden and Kamala and Hillary and the bunch of them are disgusting people. Talk about Haiti with Hillary and taking 90% of the billion she raised in charity for “administrative purposes” and you know why everyone in Haiti hates Hillary. Kamala the one who hid evidence of an innocent person and kept people locked up longer than their sentence to serve cheap slave labor for the state. Joe who is demented and racist and a pervert and who did a quid pro quo with Ukraine and who committed treason in the Obama admin. Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting of the Tea Party conservatives, weaponizing our system for political reasons, E.T.C.

02: The idea that Trump is this racist, mysoginist, homophobic, etc. Bullshit. That’s in your imagination. You are dead wrong and stupid.

01: 90% of felons are Democrats. I guess that’s why they want to Defund the Police and release violent criminals. I’ve seen three stories THIS WEEK, where violent criminals were released and then went on to murder the person who accused them. This party is the dumbest party I’ve ever witnessed. It is literally so stupid, that people who claim to support it, are not relevant whatsoever. All they got to say is Orange Man Bad and that’s it. It’s stupid. Take your guns. Release the violent criminals. Wow. Please don’t try to tell me how smart that is. This is a losing strategy. I get releasing someone maybe for pot possession, but not someone who raped. Idiots. I really could make this a list of 100 reasons, but that’s all for now.

11: (Edited) Liberal states like California and New York are literally having a mass exodus from their garbage states where Democrats they elected (stupidly) are taxing the hell out of them and running their states into the ground.
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« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2020, 05:40:16 am »

Just look at Maxine Waters too. She has the worst district in the country, and she doesn't even live in the district she represents. It's got the worst grades, the most violence, the worst pollution, and she has the audacity to talk about Trump for some fake dossier and that he's a racist when she and the Dems supported Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood? Who said that black people are weeds that need to be exterminated? Who Hillary praised as a great person? Same with Pelosi. Look at San Francisco. It's turned into a complete shit hole where people are leaving in droves and the homeless population is growing so they're allowed to shit all over the streets and loot stores and shoot up heroin in front of kids in public. This place is pathetic. Any of you who support this nonsense should be ashamed of yourself for being so damn stupid. They're destroying this country, ripping it off, and you're a complicit sellout all for your little social justice crap. Take a look around. There will always be people who don't like you, like homophobes, but also like me, a gay man, because you act so oppressed when you can do whatever you want. You blame others for your situation that you personally created out of your own toxicity. Democrats are sick. Republican leaders are sheep, but you keep pressing this anarchy shit and you're going to find out real fast that it was a dumb move. Some stupid BLM teenager is going to set off some War Vet, who's seeing his country being destroyed, and it's going to end in casualties. Then BLM or Antifa might back off because they'll see that these useful kids don't really think the risk is worth it. The Democrats plan is a total dead end, literally, it ends in death (of them). These little teenagers in Antifa have no idea what they're up against. And you libs are cheering them on to their deaths like pawns!
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