Steve Bannon Is Charged With Fraud in We Build the Wall Campaign
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Author Topic: Steve Bannon Is Charged With Fraud in We Build the Wall Campaign  (Read 85 times)
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« on: August 20, 2020, 08:02:54 pm »

Mr. Bannon and three others are accused in a scheme to use funds raised for construction to pay for personal expenses.

Mr. Bannon and three other defendants cheated hundreds of thousands of contributors to the initiative by “capitalizing on their interest” in the wall and falsely telling them that “all of that money would be spent on construction,” said Audrey Strauss, the acting United States attorney in Manhattan.

Mr. Bannon was arrested early Thursday on a $35 million, 150-foot yacht that was off the coast of Westbrook, Conn., law enforcement officials said. Working with the Coast Guard, federal postal inspectors and special agents from Ms. Strauss’s office boarded the vessel, which belonged to the exiled Chinese businessman Guo Wengui, the officials said.

All three of the people in charge of Trump's 2016 campaign have now faced charges!   Cheers

Further information about the level of corruption in the Trump administration in relation to Bannon:

Two months ago, Attorney General William P. Barr launched a hasty, questionable and haphazard effort to get rid of U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman at the Southern District of New York and install a new acting head of his office. Critics suggested it was a thinly veiled effort to get rid of the man whose office investigated allies of President Trump, including Rudolph W. Giuliani — the latest in heavy-handed and seemingly political actions by Barr to protect Trump.

It turns out the office was about to indict another Trump ally: Stephen K. Bannon. And the person responsible for charging the former top Trump aide is the acting U.S. attorney whom Barr tried and failed to bypass.



« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2020, 04:21:09 am »

I'm sure Bannon probably did it, but Trump fired him a while ago and distanced himself from Bannon. Lots of people around Trump in the swamp, and if they eat one of their own to try to get to Trump, it won't sway one Trump supporter. They're not voting for BIden. They know this is all part of the operation and it will have zero effect because Trump distanced himself. Bannon is tied to Epstein and that whole Clinton group. So is Dersh. Trump distanced himself from Epstein and banned him from his resort years ago. Anyway, innocent until proven guilty, and I'm sure this will blow up in the dems faces like it does every. single. time. It's really pathetic. Joy exclaiming "We got him!!!" Then it was fake news. Maddow claiming "We got his taxes!!!" Fake news. It was public information that was already reported on by CNN months before. He removed the bust of Martin Luther King Jr!!! Oh and they were just standing in front of it. And they knew it, but spread fake news anyway. Fake news = lies. Sedition. They literally make shit up. And you. still. trust. them. Jesus.
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